B/R Unknowns: David Gore, A "Diamond In Rough"

Kr.Abhimanyu VINAY RAJPUT Analyst IJune 7, 2009

I did not join B/R because of a facebook ad of Bleacher Report or on someone's recommendation.

I joined B/R because of this.

An article, that I felt, truly crediting an underrated player Dirk Kuyt and recognising his talent.

The writer was David Gore.

David Gore was born in 1983 in Wirral, Merseyside.

This meant he was born in one of Europe's biggest football cities Liverpool.

It wasn't long enough before David would have had to choose between the obvious two.

You are either a Red (Liverpool FC supporter) or a Blue (Everton FC supporter) on the Merseyside.

David became a Red.

And the Kopite embraced Bleacher Report with the same kind of warmth that is felt in his articles.

David Gore, in my opinion, made a great debut seven months ago with an article that  put Liverpool city as a nation inside a nation (UK).

The lines really speak for themselves "it’s always looked out to the sea rather than in to the land".

Followed up with this was a brilliant piece that coincided with a personal tragedy of his and Liverpool FC's famous club anthem You Will Never Walk Alone.

This gave us a hint of what would be published from David.

The Friendliest Derby? , Kuyt of Patience With the Doubters, The New Revival of Liverpool FC, Gartside and the Great FA Own Goal , Xabi Alonso Is Owed an Apology, Liverpool and Valencia: The Rafael Benitez Parallel, Rafael Benitez: Freedom of the Press?, No One Likes Rafael Benitez, But We Don't Care ,The Dark Cloud Of Hillsborough.

Such brilliant pieces followed.

Research and judgement put in each of the above articles goes on to show the amount of effort David puts in his pieces.

These aren't just rumor mill or just poorly articulated articles stating the obvious facts but innovative ones that actually open a new window of football in the person who is reading them.

And any person can make out the faith that David has in Liverpool FC, Liverpool players and Rafael Benitez.

David truly symbolises what Liverpool FC stand for, today.

No matter what, I still love to pass by David's profile to and go over his brilliant pieces again and again.

David Gore's style of writing is an enchanting one that encapsulates you with the brilliant and honest approach.

Truly David is one of my God-fathers on B/R and who wouldn't love to stand for such a brilliant but humble writer.

Many people on B/R might not be acquainted with David but I'm glad that I know the David from Wirral.

It's a loss, if you haven't read this person's great pieces.

David on 20th of May published an article highlighting Roy Hodgson's work at Fulham FC, leading them from a relegation favorite side to a berth in Europe, naming him as Diamond in the Rough Footballing world mine.

David, is certainly a diamond in the Rough B/R world mine.

My top five David Gore Articles:

The Dark Cloud Of Hillsborough

Liverpool FC: The Song

Liverpool: The City and Its Club

Rafael Benitez: The Transfer Truth

Roy Hodgson: Diamond In The Rough