The NBA's King Is Kobe Bryant, Not LeBron James

Yama HazheerCorrespondent IIJune 6, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 19:  Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers drives the ball against LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the third quarter at Staples Center on January 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The number of hours he has put in alone at the gym. The countless number of shots he takes before he leaves the gym. He is the first one to arrive, last one to leave. He may not be as flashy as LeBron James is, but he is the better player. His name is Kobe Bryant.

The 6'6, 205 pound guard might not have the unique frame that James possess, but he knows how to use his hard work and talent in an unbelievable manner, which is what makes The Black Mamba the best player in the National Basketball Association today.

James' stats may outshine Bryant's, but if stats make players seem as good as the numbers say, players like Jamal Crawford and Josh Smith could be some of the elite players in the league.

Critics say that James is a better leader than Bryant is. They are wrong. Bryant may have dissed teammate Andrew Bynum before, but look at what that has done to the kid. Bynum has become a much better player since Bryant called him out.

What LeBron has said to the press before Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals has yet to be seen as in insult to his teammates, which it actually is.

“There’s only one of me,” James said. “… If I could clone myself, we’d be all right.”

That did not help the confidence of his teammates as the Cleveland Cavaliers did not win a game for the rest of the series.

What about talking to the press or shaking hands with opponents after losing games in the playoffs? When or if Bryant does it, it gets blown out of proportion. When James did it, no one seemed to care until David Stern actually fined the so called face of the league.

The King finished second in defense player of the year voting and people are now saying that he is a better defender than Bryant. Those claims are laughable. Bryant is a better defender either at being a roamer or a lock down defender.

You know he is a better lock down defender, remember the Olympics last season? Yeah, I'm sure you do now. Bryant was an amazing defender when Coach K told him to be a shut down defender as opposed to Phil Jackson telling Kobe to be a roamer.

Scoring wise it's not even close. Kobe is a better scorer than LeBron and is possibly the greatest scorer of all-time.

I'll give LeBron the edge in passing. He has great court vision and really makes his teammates look good at times. He could also be considered an overrated passer due to most of his teammates being catch and shoot players. It makes it easy for LeBron to just penetrate, and since he gets so much attention, it leaves a shooter wide open.

Despite James' size being much larger than Bryant's, Kobe is a warrior. He is a tough player who has been playing on a torn ligament in his finger for a year and a half now while James sat out a few games because of a sprained finger.

This article was not written to bash LeBron, he is a phenomenal player, don't get me wrong. He may go down as the greatest ever, but today, Kobe is clearly the better player.

Don't get brainwashed in all the LeBron hype by the media when they proclaim him as the best player, because in reality, the real king of the NBA is Kobe a.k.a. the best player in the league.

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