The Muppets Take over Terry Crews' Toyota in Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

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Separately, Terry Crews and the Muppets are awesome; packing them together in one Super Bowl commercial does little to diminish their charm.'s Sean O'Connell (h/t Ian Casselberry) spotted a new Super Bowl ad floating around the Internet ether, something we all get to enjoy in the week leading up to the big game. 

With just days before the Broncos and Seahawks kick off, chances are great that you can watch a pretty sizable portion of the commercials complementing the actual game. 

Thankfully, that means we get to savor all the wild gestures, crazy antics and hilarious facial expressions featured in his commercial. 

Oh yeah, the Muppets looked funny too. 

First we see a bored Crews driving down the highway in his rugged Toyota Highlander that is about to have its durability tested by some zany hitchhikers. 

That's when the star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the best part of White Chicks has his car completely taken over by a wave of brash Muppets

Floyd Pepper and Zoot pop open the door to an astonished Crews, who really has no say in where this wagon is headed. Before he knows it, he is squired off to a magical land of wine-making and bingo games. 

Animal throws his drums in the back, Gonzo takes shotgun and Dr. Teeth drives off without concerning himself with trivial things like watching the road. 

Well, when you roll with Muppets, there is simply nothing you can do to resist their charms and catchy melodies. Despite any initial grumblings, the shirt is off, the tie is on his head and Crews is singing from the sunroof. 

It's an amazing ride, but Kermit just calls that Monday. 

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