Budweiser Going Emotional with Clydesdale and Puppy Super Bowl Commercial

You would think at some point these Clydesdales would wear thin on the general public, and then you see the new Super Bowl commercial from Budweiser, and Pow! they once again hit you right in the meaty part of the feels. 

The video was posted to YouTube with a title of "Puppy Love," and you might just agree that it will be one of the more memorable commercials to air on Super Bowl Sunday. 

In fact, this one ad might rival the Puppy Bowl for the amount of "Adorbs!" shouted at the screen from those Super Sunday guests you have over this weekend. Per capita, you are hardly going to find a commercial with more endearing charm than this one. 

And really, this is what Budweiser does on an annual basis. We get nice and toasty thanks to its domestic brew and then it drops something awesome like this 2013 commercial on us in the middle of the game:  

Thanks, Bud! Now I'm a weepy, inebriated ball of emotions who can only be comforted by the super spread of delicious foods around the table. I think I'll excuse myself from the room and have a nice cry. Tell me when the game is back on

In the new commercial, Budweiser makes the wise choice to go with a puppy as the supporting actor. This should have the obvious effect of making those with rough exteriors soften and remember that puppy they had growing up. Need to excuse myself again

And now we sit back and wait patiently for next year's Super Bowl, when Budweiser will once again trot out those amazing Clydesdales that are so wonderfully adept at moving a living room full of people just trying to watch some football. 

We assume next year's iteration will feature some sort of cat, effectively shutting down the Internet as swarms of humans with a need to consume mass quantities of cute break the entire interwebs

We see you working, Budweiser. And we will be well prepared come this Sunday, bringing beer, tissues and possibly our favorite teddy bear for comfort. 

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