Sochi Toilets at the 2014 Winter Olympics Will Be Pretty Intimate

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Sochi Toilets at the 2014 Winter Olympics Will Be Pretty Intimate
Steve Rosenberg - Twitter @BBCSteveR

Bathroom trips at the 2014 Winter Olympics could be interesting, judging from a remarkable picture tweeted out by BBC journalist Steve Rosenberg which shows two toilets beside one another.

Rosenberg was at the Laura Cross-Country Ski & Biathlon Centre when he stepped into the men's bathroom, only to find there was no individual stall to give the athletes their privacy:

His tweet spread quickly, with the likes of former Russian chess grandmaster and now political figure Garry Kasparov highlighting it:

The Washington Post's Kathy Lally provided analysis of the facilities which came in the context of some difficult months for Russia in the buildup to the Games:

As if the Russians didn't have enough problems as the Olympics approach Feb. 7, fending off talk of terrorism, defending themselves against accusations of homophobia, denying any corruption was involved in the $51 billion construction project.

Now they've got a toilet problem. No, not a scarcity of toilets - too many of them. At least too many in one stall.

Major events are often beset by these kinds of stories in the run-up to the competition, only for the sport itself to become the talking point in due course. 

But social media is a powerful tool, and if any athletes uncover more oddities like this during the Olympic Games, you can be sure they'll find their way onto the Internet very quickly.

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