Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants Make Bets on Seahawks-49ers Game

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks will be playing each other in the NFC Conference Championship this weekend, so the local MLB teams decided to get in on the fun with a little wager.

The Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants decided to make a bet over Twitter.

If the 49ers win, then Mariner Moose, the mascot for the Mariners, is going to have a post a picture of him "Kaepernicking." If the Seahawks win, then Lou Seal will have to post a picture going "Feast Mode on some Skittles."

UPDATE: Monday, January 20, 6:56 p.m. ET

With the Seahawks coming away victorious on Sunday, the Giants paid off their bet with a photo of Lou Seal going "FeastMode" on some Skittles.

--End of Update-

Thanks to @NFLonFOX for the find.