Washington Redskins Stats That Mattered in 2013

Brad Gagnon@Brad_Gagnon NFL National ColumnistJanuary 22, 2014

The Washington Redskins have gone from worst to first back to worst in a three-year span in the NFC East. Here are some key numbers that help explain what happened to them in 2013.

38.0: That's the percentage of dropbacks on which Robert Griffin III was pressured this season, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required).

We keep hearing how bad Griffin's pass protection was, and that's valid. But 12 other quarterbacks, including the very successful Russell Wilson, were pressured more often (Cam Newton was just one percentage point back). In fact, he was only pressured slightly more often this year than he was last year (34.8), and PFF ranked the offensive line seventh in football in terms of pass-blocking efficiency. 

But based on numbers provided by PFF, he wasn't scrambling faster, he wasn't throwing faster or slower and he wasn't being rushed within 2.5 seconds of the snap any more or less often. His pocket-time stats were almost identical to his rookie season. It might just feel a lot worse because he was picking up fewer big runs. 

20.2: That's the number of points Griffin's passer rating dropped by this season. One year after posting the league's third-highest rating, RGIII ranked 22nd at 82.2.

46: That's the total number of passes the Redskins dropped this season, according to PFF, which ranked third in the league behind Detroit and New England

3: That's the number of games in which Griffin's passer rating was in the "normal" or "league average" range between 80 and 100. He was either good or bad. 

0: That's the total number of touchdowns RGIII scored as a rusher this season. After finding the end zone as a runner six times in the first six games of his career, Griffin has scored just one rushing touchdown in the last 23 games. Remember when he was such a stellar red-zone rushing threat? What happened? Maybe this play factors in. And hell, maybe it wasn't worth the risk anyway. 

29.5: That's the percentage of 20-plus-yard passes Griffin was accurate on, according to Pro Football Focus. He went deep on about 10 percent of his throws, which is basically the same rate as last year, but he was accurate on 50 percent of those tosses in 2012. Also, he threw seven touchdowns and only a single pick on deep passes last season, but he had four touchdown strikes and four picks in those situations this season. Among qualifying quarterbacks, only Joe Flacco was less accurate on deep balls.

RGIII's sophomore slump
2012 (rank)2013 (rank)
Comp. %65.6 (5th)60.1 (25th)
TD %5.1 (8th)3.5 (27th)
INT %1.3 (1st)2.6 (18th)
YPA8.1 (1st)7.0 (18th)
Rating102.1 (3rd)82.2 (22nd)
QBR71.41 (5th)40.12 (28th)
Rush YPA6.8 (1st)5.7 (4th)
Rush YPG54.3 (1st)38.3 (4th)
Rush TD7 (2nd)0 (T-27th)
Pro Football Reference

6: That's the number of 40-yard passes the Redskins completed this season, which was tied for second-last in football. They were also one of only three teams with fewer than 40 20-yard pass plays. And yet for some reason they passed the ball 19 percent more often than they did in 2012, according to TeamRankings.com.

4.8: That's the number of yards the Redskins averaged per rushing attempt, which ranked third in the NFL. And yet, again, they were passing more and running less. I understand they trailed more this year, but they needed to make more of an effort to feature Alfred Morris in the backfield. 

34: That's the number of times the Redskins turned the ball over this year. In 16 games last season, they turned it over just 14 times, which was the lowest total in the NFL. But only the Giants coughed it up more than Washington did in 2013.

Redskins: Turnovers/takeaways, 2012 vs. 2013
Turnovers (rank)Takeaways (rank)Turnover margin (rank)
201214 (1st)31 (T-5th)+17 (3rd)
201334 (T-30th)26 (T-16th)-8 (T-25th)
Pro Football Reference

38.3: That's Trent Williams' PFF grade, making him the highest-rated offensive tackle in the NFL. Williams gave up eight sacks in total but allowed just 2.2 pressures per game. The 25-year-old has simply become one of the best tackles in football.

76: That's the percentage of runs on third or fourth down with two or fewer yards to go that the Redskins converted, according to Football Outsiders, which was the fourth-highest rate in the NFL. Roy Helu's presence definitely helped. 

-12.0: That was the Redskins special teams' DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average) rate at Football Outsiders, giving them the second-worst special-teams unit in football since at least 1989, which is as far back as that database goes.

Worst special teams since 1989 (DVOA)
Buffalo Bills2000-15.4%
Washington Redskins2013-12.0%
Seattle Seahawks1997-11.1%
Football Outsiders

29.9: That's the number of points per game the Redskins gave up this year, which ranked 31st in the league, just ahead of the Minnesota Vikings. They gave up almost six more points per game this year than last year, and it's not as though that was a celebrated season on D.

5.4: That was the DVOA rate Football Outsiders assigned to the Redskins' opponents on offense, which means that the defense faced the second-hardest schedule in the NFL. Maybe that, combined with salary-cap sanctions, is why Jim Haslett still has a job. 

22: Injuries certainly aren't an excuse for Haslett or anyone else on the staff. That's the number of games Redskins starters missed due to injury in 2013, according to the Dallas Morning News. By that metric, only the Jets were healthier. One year ago, when they won the NFC East, the same study found that they lost 75 starter games to injury, which was the second-highest total in the league. 

Fewest games missed by starters, 2013
TeamGames missedKey injury
1. New York Jets20Santonio Holmes (5)
2. Washington Redskins22Stephen Bowen (6)
2. Kansas City Chiefs22Anthony Fasano (6)
4. Philadelphia Eagles29Jeremy Maclin (16)
5. Cleveland Browns35Brian Hoyer (11)
Dallas Morning News

38: That's the number of times the Redskins defense was forced to take the field in its own territory, which was the highest total in the NFL by a margin of five, according to ESPN's John Keim. Historically bad special teams and a high turnover rate will do that. 

1.18: That's how many yards opposing running backs averaged against the Redskins between five and 10 yards past the line of scrimmage, according to Football Outsiders, which was the eighth-highest total in football. That's an indictment on the linebacking corps as well as the secondary. Inside linebackers London Fletcher and Perry Riley were both ranked in the bottom 10 by PFF among players at that position, and David Amerson, Brandon Meriweather, Bacarri Rambo, E.J. Biggers and Reed Doughty struggled badly. 

-28.6: That was Fletcher's PFF grade during his final year, making him, on paper, the second-worst defensive player in football, behind only Daniel Te'o-Nesheim of the Buccaneers (-29.0). 

7: That's the number of sacks Brian Orakpo recorded in seven games during the second half of the season, ranking behind only six players during that stretch. He might have made himself some money there.

58.4: That was Kirk Cousins' passer rating in relief of Griffin, which if he qualified would have ranked dead last in the NFL by a huge margin. He threw seven interceptions on only 155 attempts, which is pretty much unacceptable. Griffin struggled in 2013, but Cousins was even worse. Jay Gruden is right about there being no quarterback competition.  


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