Seattle Mariners' 2009 Draft Takes Another Turn

Sam WoodsCorrespondent IJune 4, 2009

General manager Jack Zduriencik of the Seattle Mariners during a press conference  on February 21, 2009 in Peoria, Arizona.

I just got the chance to check up on USS Mariner and they brought this proposition up. They report that they have agreed and/or talking to HS catcher Steven Baron at the No. 33 pick (More on him later).

The deal is said to be under the recommendation for a No. 33 pick, which gives the M's more money to spend on their No. 27 selection.

No. 27 is the perfect spot to grab a top pitching prospect who wants more money than he really should ask for. Now that he has the extra cash, Captain Jack can select someone along the lines of Tanner Sheppers or Matt Purke.  Read about it here.

So here's another version of a possible draft by Seattle. The last one was based on my own opinions, while this one is based on what Dave at USSM is reporting.


No. 2-Dustin Ackley CF

No change here. Great hitter, reliable defense, safest pick in the draft. He should and probably will be our first selection.


No. 27-James Paxton LHP, Matt Purke LHP, Tanner Sheppers RHP, Kyle Gibson RHP

Paxton- Can pump his fastball consistently around 96, sometimes 98. He changes it up with a hard slider and a change. He's had knee issues but word is he's over that.

His ceiling is his slider and change take off and fastball stays consistent as he teams up with Felix to make a devastating Right/Left duo at the top of the rotation. His cellar will be as a power reliever in the 'pen.

Purke-Plus stuff that should get better as matures. Right now he offers a 92-95 fastball, a slurve that’s clocked at 78 and a change. His control is great and has the poise to become a big game pitcher. His only questions will be signability and his physicality.

He's knocked for being to slender, which could lead to injuries. However people forget he's only 18 and should fill out.

Sheppers-A first round talent that has been plagued by injury issues in the past, he's back for a second spin on who wants to be a millionaire. His fastball is consistently at 95 with movement, while sporting an above average power curve and change which he hasn't needed.

His poise makes him another of those pitchers you want to give the ball to on game day. If his health issues are behind, he'll be a heckuva pitcher.

Gibson-Sinking fastball in the low 90s, hard slider and plus change are what he offers, and he has above average command of all of them. He's pretty level headed it seems and he has a healthy track record. He also may need to add some bulk.

This would be my least favorite of the four aforementioned selections, but he is by no means a bad one or one that would make me shake my head in disgust.

No. 33- Steven Baron C

His defense is very solid behind the dish and "plays like a shortstop behind the plate" which means he's athletic and posses’ great catch and throw skills. His arm is strong and very accurate and he has the tools and athleticism to stick behind the plate.

His timing problems at the plate will hinder him from much hitting, but he can figure that out, he'll bring above average offense with average power from catching position. He's 19, so he has time to tweak his hitting woes and become a top 5-10 player at his position.


No. 51- Nick Franklin SS

He's kind of a jack of all trades type of prospect. Good but not great hitting and solid defense. But he does have one intangible that this club is sorely lacking, he's a gamer, a ball player, not an athlete, a ball player. This difference is he doesn't get by on talent and waltz his way through the motions.

He'll work hard for you and plays the game right, which brings leadership, even from the bench if that's where he ends up. Every championship team needs a couple of these guys, e.g. Dustin Pedroia.

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