Oklahoma City Thunder Draft Day Possibilities

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Oklahoma City Thunder Draft Day Possibilities
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Everyone knows the draft day drama that is already unfolding, even with the draft three weeks away.

Rubio? Thabeet? Harden? Hill? Evans?

Who does Oklahoma City want?

Or more importantly, who does OKC need?

The vast majority of Thunder fans will tell you that they need Blake Griffin, but, sadly, there is little OKC has to offer the Clippers. The Clipper front court is already packed to the gills, and the Thunder back court can offer very little.

So, where else can OKC turn?

The three teams immediately following OKC in the draft could attempt a draft day trade to try and shore up any short coming by grabbing one of the available young players.

Sacramento Kings

Last season the Kings were, basically, Kevin Martin and friends. If Rubio is available for the Thunder, OKC could potentially trade the pick, and possibly a reserve players like Damien Wilkins, to Sacramento in exchange for their pick and Center Spencer Hawes.

This would give Sacramento the play making PG they have been missing, and give OKC a force in the paint.

Why it won't happen

Hawes has been vocal about his disdain for the OKC management moving the team away from Seattle, he showed up to Oklahoma City in a green and gold suit earlier this season (NBA.fanhouse.com). This may, or may not, cause tension in the locker room that Thunder management seem to be doing their best to avoid.

Washington Wizards

The Wizards were in a better position than the Kings last season. If their super star, Gilbert Arenas, had been healthy, this team would have been competitive. However, he only played in two games last season. So, if Rubio is on the board when Oklahoma City picks, look for Washington to make a play for the pick.

For Thunder fans, Caron Butler would be a great fit, but there is little hope of Washington parting with its No. 2 scorer. However, Washington could ship SG Nick Young and the No. 5 pick to Oklahoma City for the No. 2 pick and money.

Why it won't happen

This won't happen if Washington believes that Arenas is healthy. The only reason that the Wizards would make a play for Rubio would be to compensate for Arenas.

Minnesota Timberwolves

A one man team, in need of a solid PG, where have we heard this before? Yes, Kevin Love proved to be a strong PF last season, but this team is Al Jefferson. This team needs a player who can average more than four assists per game, and should make an offer for Rubio.

The Thunder could be interested in Randy Foye, but they would, likely, have to ship Green or Westbrook to make it happen, therefore it won't. Sebastian Telfair is the likely choice, in the event of a trade.

Telfair and the possibility of picking up a player like Tyreke Evans makes this trade appealing for OKC, and Rubio and cash compensation makes it appealing for Minnesota.

Why it won't happen

Losing a consistent player like Telfair, and whoever is available at No. 6 to a division opponent may dissuade Minnesota from negotiating such a deal.

Oklahoma City is in a favorable position. If they keep their pick, they are guaranteed to get a quality player. If they trade the pick, the quality of player available at No. 3 will determine what OKC can get for the pick. With either decision, keeping the pick or trading it, can help the team. June 25 can't come soon enough.

*Stats from NBA.com

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