New Backstage Reports Emerge on Kaitlyn's Release

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 8, 2014

Kaitlyn, no longer with WWE.
Kaitlyn, no longer with WWE.from

As you will have no doubt heard by now, former Divas champion Kaitlyn (aka Celeste Bonin) has been released from WWE.

As the company's website noted in an official statement earlier today, the star elected to ask for her release to pursue outside options.

For her part, Kaitlyn left several heartfelt messages on her official Twitter account, and seemed sad to be leaving. It's all very amicable, and there are clearly no hard feelings on either side.

Just what brought about her exit?

Well, per Bryan Alvarez in today's F4W Daily Update, the former bodybuilder had grown frustrated with her role (or rather, lack of one) on WWE television:

Kaitlyn is done with WWE as of today. The word we got from people in WWE was that there were a lot of storylines involving her that she was wanting/expecting that never came to fruition, and that essentially she was just over it.

Of course, Kaitlyn is hardly the first woman to part with WWE for this reason.

Kaitlyn, did she quit over lack of good storylines?
Kaitlyn, did she quit over lack of good storylines?from

NXT star Maxine vented to Diva-Dirt in 2012 about the company's lack of focus on its divas, and cited it as one of her main reasons for leaving. Current TNA Knockout Gail Kim, who was criminally under-used during her time in WWE, made similar complaints.

Reports (F4Wonline via WrestlingInc) indicated that Beth Phoenix had grown disillusioned with the state of the division when she parted ways with the company in late 2012.

Beth Phoenix, left WWE in 2012.
Beth Phoenix, left WWE in 2012.from

Former Diva Maria Kanellis also went on record to WrestlingInc about how the company's indifferent attitude towards its women led many to leave. 

It seems that while WWE may be a steady paying gig, and the chance to be on television, any woman with any real ambition can grow extremely frustrated there.

Mainly thanks to E! reality show Total Divas, a handful of girls, like Natalya and The Bella Twins, have received more air-time and attention from the booking crew in recent times.

But the Divas who didn't feature on the show, including Kaitlyn, were as marginalized and ignored as ever. Really only A.J. Lee has managed to remain relevant, and her whole storyline revolves around feuding with the Total Divas cast and crew.