Lebron James Should Not Be Fined For Not Talking to Reporters

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Lebron James Should Not Be Fined For Not Talking to Reporters
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When I first heard about King James not being fined for not talking to reporters, the first thing I thought was: why would he be?

Talking to reporters after a game should be optional, if anything. Why make the leader of a team talk if he doesn't want to?

LeBron put up arguably the best numbers in a playoff series, ever. He averaged 44 minutes per game, 38.5 points per game, 8.3 boards per game, and eight assists per game, including a 49-point Game One. He played his heart out, and lost because he had virtually no help.  What do you expect him to do?

He had one of the best triple doubles in recent playoff memory, when he had a stat line of 37/14/12.  If that's what it takes for Cleveland to beat the Magic, then Cleveland needs to get King James more help.

James had every right not to talk to the press.  He would only get questions about if he's leaving Cleveland, or how he reacted to the lack of help.  Why would a player who left everything he had on the court want to answer those questions?

Now maybe if LeBron had a sidekick that would actually remove some double teams, or if LeBron didn't have to carry the entire team on his shoulders, he should answer some questions. But he didn't have either of those.

If anything, the press should view interviewing players after a loss as a privilege.  Why should players who just lost a tough game have to talk to the press?  Ask the NBA. Fining LeBron James for not talking to the media would be the last thing the NBA should've done.

Overall, when you play with the intensity and have the must-win attitude LeBron possesses, falling short just because a lack of help would frustrate you.  And then being criticized because not talking to reporters would make you more angry, in my opinion.

LeBron James not shaking hands with the Orlando Magic wasn't okay, though.  I believe he should've showed good sportsmanship by looking Dwight Howard in the eyes and saying, "Great job, you beat me."

But, he didn't.  Again, I can understand the intensity LeBron plays with, and how he doesn't like to lose.  It's just his competitive nature.  But he should've been able to shake hands with his victor.

Even though the Cavaliers have been called the most overrated 60-game winner in NBA history, it's because of LeBron.  Without the city's icon, the Cavaliers are a lottery team.  LeBron would be out of his mind not to be upset with Cleveland.  They need to give him more help.

A tough series loss for the Cleveland LeBrons.  Even though I can understand James not talking to the media after game six, I still think James should've shook hands with the Magic.

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