WEC 41 Preview: Faber V Brown II, Aldo V. Swanson, Pulver's Last Stand

Ken FossAnalyst IJune 2, 2009

With just five days remaining till possibly WEC's biggest card yet.

I feel now the best time to break the monotony of Lyoto Machida, and Kimbo The Clown stories, by breaking down why everyone with Versus will be treated to a real show this sunday night.

Whether its big names looking to reclaim past glory, or young challengers looking to finish them off, WEC 41 won't disappoint.


Fight One: Jens Pulver v. Josh Grispi

After losing five of his last six fights, Jens Pulver will have to prove he still has enough ability to stay in the WEC. In a must win situation, the 34-year old will need to recapture the form that lead him to be the first ever UFC lightweight champion.

Across from him will stand his antithesis a young up in coming Josh Grispi looking to use Jens name to bolster his resume, and add himself to an already packed WEC featherweight division.

This fight stacks up as a real interesting fight, Josh has the better stand up from the little Ive seen of him, If Jens is going to win this fight its going to be by utilising his shoot-fighting to out point Josh.

I think he can do it, hes only 34, hes got his back firmly pressed to the wall, and we all know wounded animals are always the most dangerous, with that said I think Jens' time has passed, it was very apparent in the second Faber fight this isn't the same Jens Pulver.

Bold Prediction: Josh Grispi second round TKO


Fight Two: Donald Cerrone v. James Krause

This is a fight that will air on TV and I'm not sure why?

James Krause has a very pretty 10-0 record, it looks like a good find until you dig through his fight card, his last three wins are against opponents a combined 20-29-1, his last victory was against 0-3 nobody Matt Williamson, who he quickly dispatched of in the first round.

This isn't the first time an organization has mined for talent, see Chris Cyborg's fight history in Brazil, or Brock Lesner, and Frank Mir, in the UFC both of those guys are, or were learning on the job, but it does seem a bit beneath the WEC's lightweight division.

The Cowboy comes in to this fight coming off a controversial technical split decision defeat in his lightweight title bout at WEC 38. Now he'll look to bounce right back with a win, and back into a potential rematch with C-4. 

His all around game looks allot better then Krause's, so this fight shouldn't last to long. Welcome the show kid.

Bold Prediction: Cerrone First Round, Rear Naked Choke


Fight Three: Jose Aldo v. Cub Swanson

This fight would seem to be a christening of Aldo, but to coin a phrase from the ailing Lee Corso (get well soon big guy) "Not so fast my friend."

The current unanimous No. 1 contender in the WEC will be resolved most likely by this match barring a signing from Dream or Shooto.

Aldo's perfect WEC run-up against softer opposition will probably make him the favorite, If the fight stays on the feet, it could be a very nervy affair with Swanson's Muay Thai skills, if Aldo brings it to the ground I think hell have a easier time of it, but not by allot.

Bold Prediction: Jose Aldo via Unanimous Decision.


WEC Featherweight Title Bought: Mike Brown v. Uriah Faber II

The media darling, and WEC star Urijah Faber will look to avenge his loss.

Or not, why is everyone nut-hugging Urijah Faber all the time? I get hes a Cali kid, and WEC is predominantly a west coast organization, but he lost convincingly, in the first round, to a better fighter.

Make all excuses you want, Urijah was to undisciplined, he underestimated Brown last time, it was a fluke. Anybody who was objective, has to say on that day, at least Urijah Faber was not the best fighter in the ring.

Mike Brown has a huge chip on his shoulder. It's big enough to rest Jay Leno's enormous chin on. The tone of his interviews tells the whole story.

He is sick to death of Urijah Faber. hes sick of talking about him, hes sick of looking at him, and hes sick of answering questions about him.

This should be really good.

Bold Prediction: Mike Brown Second Round TKO