The Little Things Matt Flynn Continues to Do Wrong in Green Bay

Matt SteinCorrespondent IIDecember 25, 2013

There are a number of little things that Matt Flynn struggles with for the Green Bay Packers.
There are a number of little things that Matt Flynn struggles with for the Green Bay Packers.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Quarterback Matt Flynn has certainly had his positive moments for the Green Bay Packers this season filling in for starter Aaron Rodgers. Unfortunately, Flynn has struggled more often over the past five games, and it's the little things that he's continuously done wrong.

Sure, the Packers are 2-2 since Flynn became the starter and still have a chance at making the playoffs, but that doesn't mean that he's been a quality starter this season. In fact, had Flynn not made the same mistakes over and over again, the Packers should have been 4-0 with the division already locked up.

However, that hasn't been the case with Flynn during his second stint in Green Bay. Let's take a look at the little things that he continues to do wrong this season.

We'll start with his biggest issue.



The biggest issue that Flynn has had this season is with his accuracy. At times it seems like Flynn can't make any of the throws that are necessary for a starting NFL quarterback.

In the loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 16, Flynn's accuracy issues hit an all-time low. Take a look at the picture below of a pass from Flynn to wide receiver James Jones.

Flynn overthrows James Jones.
Flynn overthrows James Jones.Photo from NFL Game Rewind

Not only is the throw ridiculously high, but it's also thrown a few yards out of bounds.

Another pass came in the third quarter to wide receiver Jarrett Boykin. 

Another overthrow by Flynn.
Another overthrow by Flynn.Photo from NFL Game Rewind

Once again, the ball is ridiculously overthrown, and Boykin doesn't have a chance to make a play. In fact, the ball is so high in the air that Boykin doesn't even attempt going after it, knowing that he doesn't have a chance at catching it.

The pass below is supposed to be to tight end Andrew Quarless.

Flynn overthrew Andrew Quarless and the defender.
Flynn overthrew Andrew Quarless and the defender.Photo from NFL Game Rewind

What's so impressive about this play (in the worst way possible) is that Flynn not only manages to miss his target, but his throw is so terrible that the ball is a few feet over the head of the defender.

While the throws are certainly worrisome, the bigger issue is when Flynn makes these poor plays. The final two passes to Boykin and Quarless both took place in the red zone when the Packers desperately needed a score.

Those are the types of throws an NFL quarterback needs to be able to make and ones that Rodgers makes look so easy. However, Flynn has yet to prove he can make those throws, which is exactly why he's nothing more than a backup.



Another area where Flynn greatly lacks the skills needed in this league is his decision-making.

The perfect example of this was the final play of last week's game. With time running out, the Packers have wide receiver Jordy Nelson running a quick slant toward the middle of the field.

Boykin, who is lined up outside, is going to run straight to the end zone.

The final play of last week's game.
The final play of last week's game.Photo from NFL Game Rewind

Now before we go any further we need to understand what Flynn had done this game in terms of his targets. Heading into this play, Nelson had only received five targets on the day. As for Boykin, he saw a ridiculously high 12 targets before this play.

There's a whole lot wrong with the fact that Boykin received so many more targets than Nelson, but Flynn obviously had his eye on Boykin all game long. 

So, on this final play, it wasn't really surprising when Flynn once again looked to Boykin instead of Nelson. The problem with that, however, was that Boykin was perfectly covered and Nelson was wide open.

Nelson is wide open and Boykin is perfectly covered.
Nelson is wide open and Boykin is perfectly covered.Photo from NFL Game Rewind

Flynn was locked into Boykin all game long and didn't want to look anywhere else on the final play. The fact that Boykin wasn't even close to being open didn't even matter to Flynn. He was going to his favorite target, like he'd done throughout the game, despite the fact that Nelson was wide open for the game-tying score.

By struggling with his accuracy and decision making, Flynn has made Packers fans even more appreciative of what they have in Aaron Rodgers, because Rodgers doesn't consistently make the little mistakes mentioned above that Flynn does.

There is no doubt that Flynn has a place in the league, but until he fixes his major issues his rightful place is as an NFL backup.