WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Promising Feuds That Deserve Showcase at Event

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistDecember 23, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2014: Promising Feuds That Deserve Showcase at Event

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    The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view is, like its predecessors, mostly a one-match card in terms of what is most important, but that cannot literally be the case.

    Albeit not that much, there is still some more time that needs to be filled with other matches to add to the card.

    Because of time constraints, not every feud going on in WWE at the moment has a chance to make it onto the pay-per-view, and many of them will have to sit it out.

    Either those feuds will take a backseat and play out only on television or they will have to find a way to be incorporated into the Royal Rumble match itself.

    But one advantage for the little guys this year is that there is no mandatory World Heavyweight Championship title defense to take up one of the few spots that are left.

    So with a limited amount of options and not that much time to dedicate to things other than the battle royal, which feuds should still be given some proper spotlight shined upon them and be added to the event's lineup?

Honorable Mention: Xavier Woods vs. Brodus Clay

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Beyond everything mentioned later on in this list that takes priority, if there is enough time to permit adding one more filler match on the card, it would need to be something that isn't too incredibly important.

    That way, it could be used as a kickoff or a quick and easy bathroom break without cheating the fans.

    Instead of throwing two random superstars together out of the blue like Dolph Ziggler and Fandango from TLC, why not give that spot to Xavier Woods and Brodus Clay?

    Woods could use the bump in popularity that he would almost certainly get by being on the pay-per-view, despite how small it could be.

    Likewise, Clay needs a significant boost if he is ever truly going to be the "main event player" that he claims he is.

    Under no circumstance will either man get that extra momentum if all they do is have a poor showing in the Royal Rumble.

    Since the chances are slim that Woods or Clay will be the dominant man that will eliminate the most people or anything of that magnitude, it comes down to a choice of three options.

    If WWE leaves them on the card and makes them look bad, that's a negative. If WWE takes them off the card, that's a negative. If WWE gives them at least a pre-show match, what is there to lose?

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

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    The feud between Kofi Kingston and The Miz is an interesting one primarily because it has consisted mostly of matches involving the two that have just a small amount of story being released.

    It may be tiresome to watch the same guys go back and forth time after time, but this has remained intriguing because of how little is divulged each time they meet up.

    Is Kingston the one turning heel at the end of this, or is The Miz? Or are possibly neither or both of them turning heel?

    Adding another match between Miz and Kingston gives more of an opportunity to build upon this feud than it would have if both men only crossed paths during the Royal Rumble.

    That should be done as well, but having a singles bout could be some fun filler to place after the opening tag team match.

    Enough time and effort has been put into this that we need an actual outcome and a finish rather than just letting these two get lost in the shuffle and move on to new things by the time Elimination Chamber comes along.

AJ Lee vs. Total Divas

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Total Divas might have already finished the current season, but that doesn't mean WWE can't still benefit from more advertisement of the show.

    The Royal Rumble is one of the biggest events of the year, and many wrestling fans that don't pay attention to the other events make it a point to watch this pay-per-view.

    As such, showing off some of the talent involved in that show will do nothing but help spread the word that Total Divas exists and will be coming back for another go in a few months.

    AJ Lee can wrestle someone relatively new like Naomi, or if WWE would rather use a bigger name, Nikki Bella could fill the spot.

    Not only would this act as a perfect buffer match to take place before the Royal Rumble itself, but it gets the women on the card, since they won't be participating in the primary gimmick of the night.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust Defend the WWE Tag Team Championship

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Whether it be against The Usos, The Real Americans, The Wyatt Family, Ryback and Curtis Axel or any of the other tag teams in WWE, Cody Rhodes and Goldust need to defend the WWE Tag Team Championship.

    It doesn't matter who ends up challenging for the titles, just so long as WWE is willing to give the match enough time to not feel too rushed.

    Judging by their track record as of late, the Rhodes brothers seem to be able to have a good or even great match with any opponents they're up against.

    If the duo is going to split up in time for WrestleMania, this would be quite literally their penultimate opportunity to showcase their talent.

    Plus, as simple as it is to point out, is there much of a justification to not include what could be a safe bet for an entertaining match that focuses on the ever-improving tag team division?

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Many will argue that Daniel Bryan should be in this spot, but he and Randy Orton have had their series of matches together and one more on Raw last week.

    In comparison, John Cena facing Orton is the fresher option.

    Also, this not only fulfills the obligatory WWE World Heavyweight Championship title match, but it is an incredibly easy match to build up to.

    Orton and Cena have already done the hard work setting up the foundation for this feud when things were heading toward TLC 2013.

    Now, all that is necessary to justify doing the sequel is to remind the audience of the standard rematch clause.

    Cena technically was a champion who lost his title and should deserve the same rematch that everyone else gets.

    One of the benefits of having this match on the card is that it takes Cena out of the battle royal.

    Without WWE's Superman among the 30 competitors, there's no chance of his detractors souring on the event because they feel that it is a predestined outcome that Cena will "obviously" win.

    There will be more than enough star power in the Royal Rumble without these two, so rather than having someone lesser challenge Orton for the title just to include Cena as another big name in the battle royal, WWE should opt for the rematch that will be a true secondary main event for the evening.

    What matches would you like to see added to the card? Are there any feuds you want WWE to drop instead of continue?

    Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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