Listen Up: What Magnus' World Title Win Means for TNA Wrestling

John ReidCorrespondent IIIDecember 19, 2013

Tonight, TNA Wrestling presented its last free TV special of the year in "Final Resolution," and one of the many things TNA has done right this year is reduced the number of pay-per-views (which weren't drawing great numbers to begin with) in order to give their Impact episodes a special feel to them.

It certainly delivered in the main event, crowning a new world heavyweight champion. As always, I'll give my thoughts on the other matches in the video below, but the main point is that TNA president Dixie Carter (with help from Rockstar Spud and ECIII) got her champion, and it was the right call.

Now, it wasn't exactly a 5-star quality match, and it certainly won't be remembered as an all-time classic, but the point is what the win signifies for the young star from the UK. Magnus represents the new blood that TNA is promoting.

As it removes itself from the stained Bischoff-Hogan regime, the push for younger characters is on. Already we have seen ECIII (the former Derrick Bateman) become a name with a very good gimmick, and now a tag team title shot to boost. We have seen the BroMans, of all people, become an entertaining act, as well as gimmicks for Sam Shaw and the aforementioned Spud. 

If I were Chris Hero or Davey Richards, I'd think long and hard about going to TNA now. It is quickly becoming a place where young talent can succeed, which is why I think it didn't throw the moon at AJ Styles during their recent contract negotiations. It is saying to younger wrestlers, or guys looking to jump to one of the big two, "Look, the WWE isn't going to give you the opportunity to shine like we will." My wish is that it would bring in Colt Cabana, but I won't hold my breath.

If Magnus goes over as champion, which I believe he will, then it will make for a very interesting build to whomever takes the title from him. The old guard is getting removed from TNA, and by this time next year, we could see veterans like Sting, Hardy, Angle and others gone while leaving the younger stars to pick up the pieces. Starting tonight, it appears that one of them has already received the memo. 

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