Supermen: Orlando Magic Will Defeat Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

Paul F. VillarrealCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

LeBron James was the first Witness. Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers will soon follow in James' footsteps.

The Orlando Magic will be your 2008-2009 NBA Champions.

In a year when the league desperately wants either Bryant or James to be crowned, it will have to settle, instead, for the rise of the Disney World Dynasty.

Forget about home-court advantage. The Magic have already won in Los Angeles this year as part of their 2-0 mark against the Western Conference Champion Lakers.

No Jameer Nelson? No problem. Rafer Alston will be happy to either take aging Derek Fisher off of the dribble or else hit an open three-point bucket.

The manner of Orlando's pending victory will likely include Mickael Pietrus taking Luke Walton to the hole, Dwight Howard slamming the ball over Pau Gasol and Hedo Turkoglu coming off of a screen-and-roll to hit a dagger jump shot.

The Magic are superior to the Lakers. They are at least as athletic, deeper, shoot better and are equally as hungry to win a title as Los Angeles.

Fear the Mouse.

Mickey's Men will win the franchise's first title, eliminating the ghosts of missed Nick Anderson free throws past. Shaquille O'Neal, a former Magic player, will be as gratified as anyone at the outcome.

You heard it here first. Many will pick the Lakers to win, as they picked against the Celtics last year. They will be wrong, again.

The Orlando Magic are ready, they are the better team and they will not be denied.

Superman is in the building, and he is looking for—and is about to find—his first NBA Championship ring.