WWE TLC 2013 Results: Biggest Highlights and Low Points from Event

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2013

WWE TLC 2013 Results: Biggest Highlights and Low Points from Event

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    The results of the 2013 WWE TLC pay-per-view are in, so it's time for us to look back on the evening and break down the highlights and the low points that made the event what it was.

    Every WWE event has its ups and downs and with a pay-per-view's main event revolving around the idea of literally going up and down a ladder, TLC was no exception to that rule.

    This was WWE's last chance to make an impression for the calendar year and the final stop before the Road to WrestleMania buildup starts to happen, so did things end more on a good note or a bad one?

    Let's put Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2013 under the microscope and take a look at which things rose to the top and which things came crashing down to the ground.

Highlight: Teasing the Split of the Shield

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Sure, it may have been completely obvious once Roman Reigns was playing up a potential eye injury that it would result in him inadvertently spearing Dean Ambrose, but it was still cool to watch.

    The main reason why is because it adds one more piece to the puzzle and gives more of a justification for a potential future split between the members of The Shield.

    Reigns and Ambrose in particular have been butting heads with Seth Rollins in the center of things, so it makes sense for this to be the ending of the match.

    Plus, in terms of trying to write a way for CM Punk to come out on top, this was a pretty solid excuse.

    It helps put Reigns over and show how vicious his spear is while giving Ambrose more of a reason to flip out on him when this lack of communication becomes too much to bear.

Highlight: AJ Lee Retains the Divas Championship

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    With the popularity of Total Divas and the potential that WWE would want to give a member of the cast the Divas Championship, there was always a risk that AJ Lee would drop the title.

    This was magnified even more with the story from the Tribute to the Troops fiasco (as reported from F4WOnline via WrestlingInc) which speculated that AJ would be punished for her actions.

    Naturally, it was easy to believe that Natalya could have been given the title with AJ being forced to drop it tonight, but that was not the case.

    AJ Lee is easily one of the most popular women in the company today and has held the division on her shoulders for quite a while, so it's nice to see that continue.

    For her to lose the title due to backstage issues rather than because WWE had planned for the storyline to take that turn would be a shame.

    Instead, Lee was able to retain (in a match that wasn't too bad to sit through, nonetheless), keeping this streak going for at least a little while longer.

Low Point: Big E Langston vs. Damien Sandow

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    This match is not a low point for being terrible, but rather, for not being better than what it was.

    With the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship being unified, the Intercontinental Championship will be taking a step up in terms of purpose.

    It won't be an instantaneous return to the prominence that it had over a decade ago, but it should theoretically increase in value more and more over time.

    With less titles on the line, each one means that much more when you're challenging for one or in the midst of a title reign, so everyone has to step up their game.

    Big E Langston and Damien Sandow are two entertaining guys that most likely have bright futures, but this match didn't exhibit that.

    Overall, it was serviceable and not much better than average.

    There was nothing that separated this from a standard match you would see on Raw or SmackDown, nor did this tear the house down and make people pay more attention to the Intercontinental title scene.

    Perhaps that will come in time—hopefully sooner than later—but for now, things are the same as they were last month.

Highlight: WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Not only was this match entertaining through and through, but it really showcased why Cody Rhodes and Goldust are the rightful champions in WWE at the moment.

    In particular, Goldust looked like a million bucks and by now should have silenced any of his critics that he can't still go at full pace.

    One could argue that it was a bit awkward seeing Big Show and Rey Mysterio teaming up out of nowhere, but their involvement in this match was nothing of a detractor.

    Instead, Big Show had a fun spot slapping Curtis Axel's chest and Mysterio was able to pop the crowd with some 619 attempts.

    Although this wasn't the most important match in terms of any title changes or unifications, this event was chock full of filler and this was a worthwhile match to simply sit through and enjoy.

Low Point: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    As mentioned before, this event had many filler matches thrown onto it tonight that weren't announced ahead of time.

    During this match, the crowd reached a point where it became too much to handle.

    When this started, the energy died. Nothing that Miz or Kingston did was able to satisfy the audience.

    Rather, the silence turned into "boring" chants, followed by "we want tables", illustrating that the fans had officially become impatient with the filler.

    Although these two have had an interesting feud when it comes to trying to figure out who is going to turn heel and who is still a babyface, this match just wasn't interesting enough tonight.

Highlight: Bray Wyatt Is Back in Action

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    To say Bray Wyatt has been a bit of a disappointment since his debut is an understatement.

    After his first appearance, people were going nuts and hailing him as one of the most interesting characters in a long while.

    That all went downhill after sporadic appearances, a less-than-stellar Ring of Fire match with Kane, and an injury that put him out of business for long enough to make him appear more as a manager than a wrestler.

    With this match, however, Wyatt was able to get his hands dirty.

    Although it would be tough to argue that Daniel Bryan wasn't the star of the match and the glue that held it all together, the primary thing people are going to be talking about in regards to his opponents is Wyatt himself.

    Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have had their time in the spotlight over the past few weeks, but just weren't interesting enough to ruffle any feathers.

    In comparison, Wyatt's backwards crawl alone was able to get the crowd to chant "that was creepy" instead of "boring" like the previous match with Miz and Kofi Kingston.

    Wyatt looks like he is in good enough shape to wrestle from here on in—running at full force, nonetheless—so this was a nice start for him to make up for lost time.

Highlight: A Clean Finish to the WWE Title Unification Match

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    It may have started off a little slow, but by the end, this match became pretty entertaining.

    One thing that was fun was the inclusion of the handcuffs.

    Fans are always clamoring for something different and seeing a title unification ladder match end with someone pulling their handcuffed challenger down with the use of a turnbuckle definitely isn't the "same old stuff."

    There was a chance that WWE could have gone with a screwjob finish or something of a draw to stall things until the Royal Rumble, which would have felt like a cheat.

    However, that didn't happen, and WWE kept its promise that there would indeed be a winner and only one unified champion.

    When all things are said and done, this may not go down in history as the best pay-per-view of all time, but everyone will remember Randy Orton winning the title as a major moment in WWE history.

    What were some of your favorite and least favorite points of the night?

    Did anything stand out as truly awesome that deserves recognition or awful that you'd like to rip apart?

    If so, let it all out in the comments below!

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