Lotus F1 Team Tweet List of 'Silly Season' Rule Changes After Double Points Move

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Lotus F1 Team Tweet List of 'Silly Season' Rule Changes After Double Points Move
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There's not a lot of love out there for the rule changes announced this week by the FIA for the 2014 season, the keynote of which was that the final race of the season would be awarded double points.

Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel has described it as "absurd," adding that other drivers share his sentiments, per the Press Association's Jamie Strickland via the Daily Mail.

Our writers here on Bleacher Report have also got very little positive to say for it.

Even one of the teams has tweeted their own list of counter-proposals, as Lotus give the rule change short shrift.

You can read them above, but suffice to say they're not entirely serious.

Well, that's what we think.

The first rule stipulates that all drivers with a dog named Roscoe (that's just Lewis Hamilton, so far as we know) have to start from the back of the grid—unless it's on an even day.

Good news for Lewis, the rule doesn't apply in April, either.

The rest of the list is similarly facetious.

It might seem like a childish response to the rules, but you can be sure the tweet has summed up the feelings of F1 fans across the world, who don't want to see a gimmick to decide the season.  

If you find yourself squinting to read the list, here's a larger version:

Lotus F1 - Twitter
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