Greg Hardy Called Himself 'Kraken,' Said He Went to Hogwarts During Player Intro

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterDecember 9, 2013

Screenshot via @CJZeroVids

Having read the Harry Potter books, I swear I would’ve remembered if J.K. Rowling had mentioned a 6’4”, 278-pound character named “Kraken.”

Nonetheless, if Greg Hardy says he went to college at a school of witchcraft and wizardry, that’s good enough for me. 

The Carolina Panthers defensive end threw on a pair of shades for his player introduction on Sunday Night Football and introduced himself as “Kraken”—an alumnus of “Hogwarts.”

The amazing sight was spotted by Will Brinson of CBS Sports (h/t Larry Brown of Larry Brown Sports), and if you’ve ever wondered if teams or networks regulate player intros, you’ve received your answer.

As it would appear, guys like Hardy can show up for sessions with the media and do whatever they please—which is fine by me.

Hardy’s listed alma mater is Ole Miss, but it would appear that the Panthers defensive end has finally mustered the courage to step into the spotlight as the first non-Muggle in the National Football League. 

While a big step forward for the American wizard community, Rebels fans are likely disappointed by the news. It’s not every day you're asked to come to terms with the realization that your stud defensive end secretly split time between football and Quidditch.

Even more upsetting for the Rebels is the fact that Hardy is more willing to recognize Hogwarts as his alma mater than Ole Miss. The Rebels football program suffered a gut-wrenching Egg Bowl loss to Mississippi State in November, and Hardy’s subsequent name change and allegiance shift can only be felt as another proverbial kick in the pants for the program’s fanbase.

Still, we must support Hardy and his decision to divulge his wizardly ancestry. Admitting that you’re a Parseltongue named Kraken is half the battle. 


Kraken: All-World bludger and definitely a Slytherin.