(My) New England Patriots 2009-2010 NFL Draft Grades

Caleb R.Contributor IMay 29, 2009

FOXBOROUGH - MAY 2: Patrick Chung #25 participates in a drill during the New England Patriots Minicamp at Gillette Stadium May 2, 2009 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Here we go, now!!:


SS Patrick Chung, Oregon - A- - When they drafted Chung I had never heard of him and thought that he was a bit of a stretch and was a bit disappointed. But the more that I hear about him - the more that I like him. Believe me, he will be a star.

DT Ron Brace, Boston College - A - This guy was a HUGE STEAL, man. I mean he probably should have been a mid-to-late-first-rounder, but he didn't go, then. It's destiny.

CB Darius Butler, Connecticut (UCONN) - A- - I believe that he is the biggest steal of the draft, honestly. I mean, he's fast. He has got some decent height, man. Some decent weight. And he looks like a good cover-man. He will not start immediately because of some serious depth but in a few years he will be a starter - trust me.

OL Sebastiam Vollmer, Houston - C+ - Trust me, man. He's gotten up on my list, but he was a D-. Then a D+. And so on. And so on. He will be a very legitimate backup though and we should be good. But we can always be better, now can't we, man??

WR Brandon Tate, North Carolina - B- - I only don't like the drugs part about this guy. I mean, he's fast. He has decent hands. Decent height. Decent weight. A MUCH BETTER kick-returner than that crap that we had last year in Matthew Slater. So kiss Slater good-bye, now, okay!!??

LB Tyrone McKenzie, South Florida (USF) - A- - What a shame. I mean, I saw some great potential in him to maybe (even) replace worthless Crable (not really). But hey, there's always next year, right?? Well, I hope so, at least.

OL Rich Ohrnberger, Penn State - B+ - Yet another steal, 'nuff said.

OL George Bussey, Louisville - C- - I honestly don't think that this guy has any chance in Hell to even POSSIBLY MAKE THE PRACTICE SQUAD. - But he'll make the team, anyway(s).

LS Jacob Ingram, Hawai'i - A+ - I REALLY LIKE this guy., I mean, he is an amazing longsnapper from what I've heard (and seen, of course).

DT Myron Pryor, Kentucky - B+ - Another gem that Bill Belichick and his crew have found - good job guys!!

WR (WildCat) Julian Edelman, Kent State - B- - Like all others I am "Wild" about this "WildCat". Oh, My God, I can't believe that I just said that, man!! Wow, I gotta' go sit down now, or something, wow, and think about my life, okay!!?? Wow.

DT Darryl Richard, Georgia Tech - D- - Yet another Wilfork-Replacement. Well, now that I'm back from sitting down and throwing up for 10 minutes (10 times) straight, I'm back. I honestly have no idea who - or what, possibly, this guy is., But, I guess that he's good, because he made it to the NFL, so YEAH!! HELLS YEAH!! AWESOME!!