WWE Slammy Awards 2013 Review: Cheap Pop and Cheap Heat of the Night

Anthony MangoFeatured ColumnistDecember 9, 2013

Take that, Oscar!
Take that, Oscar!(photo courtesy of WWE.com)

When reviewing the WWE's 2013 Slammy Awards, we are supposed to celebrate the best that was given to us over the past 12 months in the company.

Whether it is celebrating the top 25 wrestlers of the week with the WWE Power Ranking or showing highlight reels of everything that happened on a show, this continues the trend of honoring what was good but ignoring what was bad.

To counteract that, I present to you the first edition of a new column called "Cheap Pop and Cheap Heat," which aims to rain praise upon one of the best things that has happened but equally beat down one of the worst.

What better way to kick this off than to break down this year's Slammy Awards?

And with that being said, what are the two targets caught in the crosshairs?

The WWE App helps WWE understand its fans better
The WWE App helps WWE understand its fans better(photo courtesy of WWE.com)


Cheap Pop of the Night: WWE App Voting


The WWE App gets a lot of criticism for how often WWE promotes it, but it serves a great function.

Not only does it give fans the ability to express their opinions, it in turn also gives WWE a means to poll their audience and see what they like.

Even though WWE can frequently ignore what the fans want, and instead choose to do the opposite simply because that is the direction they want the fans to get on board with, this was an example of putting that aside.

People like The Shield and Daniel Bryan were able to win in multiple categories, showing WWE that these are people that need to be invested in.

Likewise, WWE should take note about which things didn't win.

In the list of nominees, it's obvious that the potential winners were chosen by WWE because the powers that be are fans of it and they are hoping that the WWE Universe equally enjoys it.

But in the instance of the losers, that showcases what mistakes WWE can make from time to time.

If WWE looks at the voting statistics and sees that Big Show received little to no votes for Superstar of the Year, then less attention should be put on him going forward in comparison to the winner, Daniel Bryan.

If almost nobody voted for Titus O'Neil vomiting as the LOL Moment of the Year, then that means WWE creative may find it hilarious, but the audience doesn't agree, so that wasn't the best course of action for a storyline.

What is so good about the Slammy Awards being chosen via WWE App voting is that it helps bridge the gap of supply and demand and it gives WWE an idea of what direction to go in the future to make its fans happy.

Nothing illustrates how important following through with that is than the incredible reception Daniel Bryan received during the championship segment that ended the episode, which in itself was awesome enough to be the highlight of the show as well.

You can look but you can't speak
You can look but you can't speak(photo courtesy of WWE.com)


Cheap Heat of the Night: The Awkward Bella Twins Acceptance Speech


This is nowhere near as important as the Cheap Pop of the Night, which showcases that this was a fun, entertaining and well-crafted episode overall.

But not everything that is a choice for Cheap Pop or Cheap Heat makes or breaks the company.

In this particular case, The Bella Twins were a part of something embarrassing while mostly everything else on the show was pulled off rather well.

The duo might have won the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year because the fans voted for them, but they received at best a lukewarm reception.

Clearly, this affected their acceptance speech, which quickly became very awkward.

This was made even more uncomfortable when, in the style of the Academy Awards, WWE started to play music to cut them off and let them know that their time was over.

Most acceptance speeches were short and entertaining in some capacity, but this one just felt like a weird blunder.

So when you look back on what happened during this special episode of Raw, what do you think was the best part of the night and what was the worst?

Did any particular winners make you happy or upset you? Were any matches exciting or a terrible flop?

Tell us your Cheap Pop and Cheap Heat of the Night in the comments below!

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