Under Pressure: A Mock Interview with Daunte Culpepper

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Under Pressure: A Mock Interview with Daunte Culpepper
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Thanks for being here Daunte. Let's get right to it shall we?

1. Clearly the Lions organization drafted Matthew Stafford to be the face of the franchise and the quarterback of the near future. How much pressure does that put on you, knowing that such a highly touted draft pick is chomping at the bit to take your job?

2. Last year you were plagued by a nagging injury. Assuming you remain healthy this season, do you think the Lions offense gives you the tools necessary to regain the success you had in Minnesota?

3. One of the biggest complaints coming out of Lions fans after this offseason was that nothing was really done to address the offensive line. Do you feel that you will have sufficient protection in the pocket this year?

4. In Minnesota you played with one of the most tremendous receivers to come around in a long time in Randy Moss. How does Calvin Johnson compare to a guy like Randy Moss?

5. Coming off of an 0-16 season, what additional pressure, or lack thereof, are you feeling this year?

6. What are your impressions of the new coaching regime so far?

7. With their second pick in the draft, the Lions drafted tight end Brandon Pettigrew. How big of a boon is it to have another big, physical target like that to throw to around the end zone or first-down marker?

8. If the Lions could go out and get one player, whether it be through trade or free agency, who would you like them to get?

9. While Matthew Stafford is eventually planning on starting, he's also very new to the NFL, and will be trying to learn as much as he can. What kind of role have you been playing in helping him adapt to the professional level?

10. Calvin Johnson's nickname is Megatron. What nicknames would you give to some of your other teammates?

11. Don't run, but I'm gonna make you pull a Kitna here. How many wins are the Lions going to get this year?

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