Gran Turismo 6: Release Date, Car List and Updated Features

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 3, 2013

image from Gran Turismo 6

If you haven't had an opportunity to see the graphics and trailers for Gran Turismo 6, you should pull yourselves away from all things next-generation long enough to take a gander. GT6 will be available exclusively for PlayStation 3 on Dec. 6.

It seemed as though the PS3 had been pushed to its limits, but based on the visuals we've seen, GT6 could pass for a next-gen title. Take a look at the trailer that was recently released to whet the appetites of fans.

I had an opportunity to play the game at a GT track event in November. I came away impressed with most aspects, but until I have the full version in hand, I'll hold off on a full review. For now, let's take a look at the features and details for this huge title.

Cars Galore

image from Gran Turismo 6

To be exact, there are 1,207 vehicles available in GT6, per The game has almost as many cars as Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. This article would be ridiculously long if I listed them all, but here's a handful of the standout inclusions: Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car, Subaru 360 '58, Panoz Zonda R '09, Nissan Pao '89, Audi R18 TDI Prototype '11.

Without question, GT6 offers unrivaled variety in vehicle choice—unless you've been to Sultan's house.

Tracks Aplenty

image from Gran Turismo 6

There are 29 tracks available. One of the newest editions is the Ascari Full Track in Spain. Weather changes are also present and will directly affect track conditions. For the first time, GT seems set to include weather that will impact gameplay in a realistic manner.

Game Modes

Aside from the incumbent Arcade, Career and special events modes, there is also an option to take screenshots of the beautiful imagery the game creates. When you have a game that offers such picturesque scenes like GT6, it can inspire the virtual photographer in us all.

GPS Functionality

image from Gran Turismo 6

Gamers will have the option to create their own course based on routes they drive in their real-life vehicles. This is an insane feature that we can only hope works as solidly as it sounds. Essentially, the game will use a normal GPS mobile app to track your location, altitude, etc. This data allows the game to determine where you are in the world.

Based on this information, a track will be created for you in the game that you can drive from your console. 


More to Come

There is so much more to explore with GT6 conceptually and once I've had a prolonged hands-on experience with the game, I'll be able to supply more insight on the new features.

It is the type of title you'll need a good number of dedicated hours to fully evaluate. I look forward to putting in the "work" and sharing my thoughts.

Stay tuned.


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