WWE TLC 2013: Superstars Who Don't Deserve Slot on Event Card

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistDecember 3, 2013

WWE TLC 2013: Superstars Who Don't Deserve Slot on Event Card

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    The 2013 WWE TLC pay-per-view needs to be good enough to end the year on a high note, so only the best should be allowed to compete on the card.

    With the announcement of several matches that will be featured at the event, the card is very quickly becoming packed and not many more slots are open to be filled.

    If there's a limit of how many more people can fit onto the card, none of those spots should be wasted on people that are not deserving of it.

    Not everyone can be in the main event and not everyone can even be given a match at all, so which people should sit this one out?

Khali and All Other Enhancement Talent

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Having a squash match on a pay-per-view is a bit like being served a lot of bread at a fancy restaurant—sure, it may fill you up, but you're not getting your money's worth.

    It should go without being said that any wrestler whose job can be classified as a jobber should never take priority over the people that WWE is counting on to sell tickets and event orders.

    This goes for everyone, talented or not, who has been used as enhancement talent for other superstars as of late.

    The list is extensive, ranging from people that are rarely seen such as JTG and Curt Hawkins to the people that still show up, only to have little to no direction or value, such as Santino Marella, Tyson Kidd and Fandango.

    One wrestler in particular that needs a special mention, however, is The Great Khali.

    For all the enhancement talent that WWE has, the worst performer of the bunch is Khali, who has never really improved upon his limitations after all these years.

    Despite this, WWE has a nasty habit of throwing him onto a card.

    Normally, his matches are just used as bathroom breaks or are supposed to be a humorous, lighthearted buffer between more serious bouts—though your mileage may vary on the latter.

    In the end, they always wind up being a waste of time and are only ever talked about the following night in a negative sense.

    WWE needs as many positives as possible on the TLC card, both as advertised matches to sell it and as impromptu matches to excite the crowd.

    Jobbers will not do this and will only hurt the overall value of the event, particularly if they eat up spots that could be given to others that deserve it more.

    Ask yourself, would you rather see 3MB or Dolph Ziggler? Who will sell an event more, Kane or Justin Gabriel? Is an impromptu Khali match going to excite you more than one with The Miz or Kofi Kingston?

Curtis Axel

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    After dropping the Intercontinental Championship to Big E Langston and losing his rematch, Curtis Axel is in no position to have a spot on the card at TLC.

    He has yet to prove that a program can be built around his own mic skills, personality and character, and without Paul Heyman to make up for that, Axel doesn't have what it takes to build up to a match in the next few weeks.

    Who could he feud with? Would anyone really want to see another match where he loses to Big E Langston?

    Axel and Ryback obviously aren't the obvious people next in line for a tag team title shot when they're in a list that involves The Shield, The Real Americans, The Usos, The Wyatt Family and more.

    If Axel were just going to be thrown onto the card to lose to someone, there are others that could fill that role that will probably give more of a boost to that opponent than Axel.

    Right now, Axel has no momentum for a match and that is unlikely to change before TLC hits us later this month.


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    What purpose will Ryback serve being on the card? He's going to lose anyway.

    When Ryback was popular with the fans, WWE killed him off by making him lose every single important match that he had for months on straight.

    Even with a heel turn to try to freshen him up, Ryback has continued this trend.

    By now, it has gotten to be a complete joke to see him wrestle and he clearly has the least amount of credibility he's had in the history of the character.

    If Ryback stands no chance against anyone he ever faces and WWE purposely puts him in a position so fans don't care about him, that destroys both points to him being on the card.

    Would you want to watch someone that never wins? Would you want to watch someone who is clearly not viewed as a valuable member of the roster?

    When WWE shows that the powers that be don't care about someone, there's no reason that the WWE Universe should.

    At best, Ryback will continue his feud with Mark Henry, wherein he will assuredly lose once more.

    At worst, Ryback will be thrown into a random match like he was at Survivor Series, for no reason other than to lose and make his opponent look better.

    There are other ways to create buffers between the important matches than to follow the trend to make Ryback look bad on a pay-per-view, and seeing as how there's little to no likelihood that he would come out on top in a match at TLC, he might as well stay off the card entirely.

Every Diva Outside of AJ Lee and Natalya

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    It's hard to think of an argument for why WWE shouldn't promote Total Divas on their pay-per-views and you won't hear an attempt at that from me.

    However, that doesn't mean every cast member needs to be featured at every event.

    TLC is already going to have a match between AJ Lee and Natalya for the Divas Championship, which is exactly all that is necessary to give attention to the TV show.

    Anything more than that just becomes supplemental and it won't make much of a difference.

    AJ Lee and Natalya are perhaps the two best women in the ring right now in WWE and for the most part, everyone else is far behind them in terms of skill level, so we won't be missing out on any fantastic action.

    Adding another match with the Divas on the card is not going to put butts in seats, nor will it cover any ground that won't already be covered with AJ Lee vs. Natalya.


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    With the two world championships likely to be unified, WWE is about to undergo a shift in which superstars are utilized in which ways.

    For most, this will mean a demotion, as there will now be much less of a chance that that particular wrestler will be chosen to challenge for a title to compete for.

    As such, someone like R-Truth—who isn't a top priority in the midcard and certainly isn't in any position to challenge for the WWE Championship—should stick to teaming up with Xavier Woods.

    While this serves a great purpose and there needs to be some focus given to Woods in order for him to get over properly with the crowd, TLC is not the time, nor the place to do this.

    R-Truth's biggest responsibility at the moment is to build Woods up, and slotting him on the card for filler won't do too much at this stage.

    Right now, this duo can get away with being featured only on television. When the time comes, the tag team will get more of the spotlight and can be placed on a pay-per-view.

    Until then, R-Truth has nobody to feud with that will be worthwhile enough to justify eating up time at TLC.

Alberto Del Rio

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    People always complain about how they are sick and tired of always seeing John Cena in the main event, but if those people don't have the same thoughts about Alberto Del Rio, they have a lot of explaining to do.

    There has yet to be a single pay-per-view this year that did not involve Del Rio in the World Heavyweight Championship picture—even the one that did not feature an actual World Heavyweight Championship match itself.

    If that isn't overkill, what is?

    It is at least justifiable to have Cena in a perpetual spot like this when he is easily one of the most popular stars in the company, but Del Rio isn't remotely in the same league and shouldn't be treated the same.

    After all these years, Del Rio has been unable to connect with the audience, whether heel or face, at the level that WWE obviously wants him to.

    Despite this, instead of moving on and switching things up to try other people out, WWE continues to slot Del Rio into pay-per-view after pay-per-view.

    For TLC, it would be nice to take a break.

    Under no circumstances should Del Rio be inserted into the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship unification match, since he does not have either title to his name, nor did he lose to Cena in a way that would justify a rematch.

    On top of this, Del Rio has not started a feud with anybody else to warrant having a match between himself and that wrestler.

    If Del Rio truly isn't a huge draw, WWE needs to stop pretending like he is.

    A different Albert—Einstein to be exact—once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

    When Del Rio hasn't been responsible for great buyrates on the past 11 events that he was featured, it's doubtful that by not having him on the 12th that there will be much of a loss.

    Do you agree with this list or disagree with the wrestlers named here? Are there any others that you feel should be left off the card?

    Fill us in on your ideas in the comments below and sound off on who you think deserves to miss TLC 2013.

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