The NXT Report for November 27, 2013

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 30, 2013

Controversy abounded on last week's show as Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville tied in the Beat the Clock Challenge to determine a No. 1 contender.

This week's show would be headlined by a match between the two standout performers to determine who gets the next shot at Bo Dallas' NXT Championship.

Speaking of Bo Dallas, he too would be in competition this week, going one-on-one with CJ Parker. Would the '60s reject pose a threat to Dallas, or would the NXT champion make short work of him?

Also on this week's show, Tyler Breeze would attempt to gain a measure of revenge after a disappointing loss to Kassius Ohno. Would he be able to upset the superior wrestler, or would Ohno have the resident supermodel's number for the second week in a row.

WWE's Antonio Cesaro is the guest star on this week's broadcast.

What went down when the brightest young stars under WWE contract took to the ring for this week's NXT?

Find out now.

This is the NXT Report for November 27, 2013.



Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla.


Broadcast Team

Tom Phillips, William Regal and Renee Young


Match Results

- Adrian Neville defeated Sami Zayn

- Hunico and Camacho defeated The Ascension

- Tyler Breeze defeated Kassius Ohno

- Bo Dallas defeated CJ Parker

- Antonio Cesaro defeated Yoshi Tatsu


Angle Advancement

Clearing up the title picture

Adrian Neville's win over Sami Zayn in this week's main event sets him up as the No. 1 contender to the NXT title.

While most fans would like to see Zayn get the shot and get the title, NXT has done an excellent job of not letting its talent get overexposed. Neville has been hot over the last month and is deserving of the title shot.

Regardless of whether Neville wins or loses the match against Dallas, Zayn is so popular that he is almost guaranteed to remain in the title picture for the foreseeable future.

Considering the talent of all involved (yes, even Dallas), NXT is in a very good place as far as its main events are concerned.


Bayley is mad...and she has friends

After being betrayed by Charlotte two weeks ago, Bayley confronted Sasha Banks and Summer Rae in the backstage area. She expressed anger (kind of) and challenged the BFFs to a match on next week's show.

Summer and Sasha laughed the challenge off, the idea of Bayley having any friends to partner with being comical to them.

Bayley was confident, however, ensuring her rivals that she had friends.

The whole segment, running two minutes at the most, was beautifully done. It got over the issues between the Divas and hooked fans for next week, leaving them to wonder just who will step up and team with the overly friendly Bayley.

The fact that Bayley and Charlotte are being kept apart at this point will only help their impending one-on-one contest mean that much more when it actually happens.

Good stuff all around.


Unpleasant Anti-Diva

NXT Women's champion Paige interacted with two different Divas on this week's show, and in both instances, she came across as very confrontational.

First, her conflict with Emma continued as Paige once again accused the leader of the Emmalution of intentionally striking her a few weeks back. Emma continued to argue that it was an accident, as was Paige's accidental strike of her.

Later in the show, WWE Diva Natalya approached Paige about supposed rudeness the champion showed her earlier in the day. Paige called her out for being a reality show star who is more worried about the fame and stardom that comes with the show rather than the Divas or Women's titles. She challenged Natalya to a match for her NXT Women's title, which the third-generation Diva accepted.

It would be easy to suggest that the change in attitude for Paige is hinting at a heel turn, but given the state of the NXT Divas roster, that would be a mistake. The heel side of the roster has a strong act in the BFFs, and turning Paige, who is the most over woman in developmental, would overshadow them.

The fact that she would continue to be cheered by an NXT audience that is strongly in support of the 21-year-old would make the turn unnecessary anyway.

The match between she and Natalya should be excellent, though.


Hunico and Camacho are in title contention

A big win for Hunico and Camacho over NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension firmly establishes them as the No. 1 contenders to the titles.

Hunico has long been one of the more underrated wrestlers on the roster, and he and Camacho make a great team.

The dynamic between them, Rick Victor and Conor O'Brian is interesting, and they have shown some decent chemistry in the short time they have had to compete.


The Bulgarian beast barrels over Ohno

On last week's show, Kassius Ohno defeated Tyler Breeze in a Beat the Clock Challenge match, bettering the time set by Alexander Rusev.

Backstage, Rusev's representative Lana approached Ohno. It did not end well, as Ohno mocked her Russian accent and sent her on her way.

This week, prior to his rematch against Breeze, Ohno was attacked by Rusev.

Despite the doctor's hesitation to let him compete, Ohno fought his way into the ring. Unfortunately for him, he fell victim to the Beauty Mark by Breeze seconds into the match and was defeated three seconds later.

The events of this week's show seem to set up a match between Ohno and Rusev in the coming weeks, a bout that would likely bring an end to Ohno's NXT stint.


Cesaro and Regal begin feud as Internet fans salivate at the thought

Two of the finest in-ring technicians of the last 20 years appear poised to feud with one another in the coming weeks following the events that took place early in this week's broadcast.

Ring announcer and part-time commentator Byron Saxton made the mistake of stepping on the "Don't Tread on Me" flag that Cesaro brings to the ring. The Swiss Superstar backed Saxton into the corner and berated him.

William Regal, a broadcast colleague of Saxton's, rushed to his aid, drawing the ire of the former United States champion in the process.

Cesaro repeatedly taunted Regal throughout the match, staring him down on numerous occasions as Tom Phillips and Renee Young grew more and more uncomfortable.

It does not take a writer such as myself to argue the sheer awesomeness that will occur over the coming weeks as Regal and Cesaro gear up for what should be a phenomenal match. Both are, to borrow a term from The Authority, A-plus ring workers who have competed and fine-tuned their technique across the country.

Watching them do what they do better than just about anyone else should be a real pleasure for NXT fans.


Performer of the Week: William Regal

The respected veteran was outstanding on commentary this week, and the fact that he is able to steal this award away from Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville is a testament to that.

The way in which he discussed his career and the regret that he has for some of the awful things he has done throughout it while explaining why he rescued Byron Saxton from Antonio Cesaro was outstanding, and it added a layer to a character most thought was irrelevant at this point.

"I can't sleep at night because of the terrible things I've done to people," was a money line that no other commentator employed by WWE could have executed at this point in their careers.

He continued by putting over Cesaro as a supremely talented wrestler who does not need to resort to bullying ring announcers.

Regal is a great example of how a commentator can keep an audience entertained by creating comedic anecdotes or playing up the drama of a situation, all the while putting over the stars inside the squared circle.


Match of the Week: Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville

There was never any doubt that Zayn versus Neville would be the match of the week. Two of the most popular babyfaces on the roster were given a significant amount of time to deliver a match that lives up to the expectations of fans, and, for the most part, they did just that.



The strongest episode of the show since the big title match between Zayn and Dallas back in October, this week's show continued the tradition of NXT putting the spotlight on different stars. It also set up several strong programs going forward, ensuring solid matches for fans to get excited for.

The Regal-Cesaro stuff, for taking up such a short portion of the show, was truly great, while the two Divas feuds continue to develop. Ohno's eventual match with Rusev should go a long way in establishing the Bulgarian as a legitimate threat to the top stars in NXT.

Most importantly, NXT seems like must-see programming in ways that Raw and SmackDown only wish they did.

That says something about the minds behind the scenes and talent's ability to execute the stories given to them by creative.


On tap

Next week's broadcast will feature two huge championship bouts.

NXT champion Bo Dallas will take on Adrian Neville in the main event, while WWE Diva Natalya challenges NXT Women's champion Paige in a battle between two of the more talented female wrestlers under WWE contract.

Antonio Cesaro will also make an appearance on next week's show, and it is safe to say that William Regal will be the target of whatever he has to say.


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