Dallas Cowboys Vs. NFC EAST?

Steve DuranContributor IMay 28, 2009

IRVING, TX - DECEMBER 20:  Dallas Cowboys flags fly outside Texas Stadium before the last home game against the Baltimore Ravens on December 20, 2008 in Irving, Texas. The Cowboys are playing their final regular season home game before moving to a new stadium in Arlington, Texas next season.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

With Division members like the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins the Dallas Cowboys better get it together and keep it together. 

New York Giants: Head Coach Tom Coughlin, Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride and Defensive Coordinator Bill Sheridan have dynasty on their minds.  Finishing 12–4 last year and 10–6 in 2007 with a Super bowl win is a healthy start.  The Giants are a no-knock team with the talent to stand up to anybody, anytime.  What's a no–knock team?  That's a team who doesn't knock, just comes in and sets your Quarterback down.  Just ask Tom Brady, he experienced this pass rush up close and personal in the biggest game of the season and came up short.

Philadelphia Eagles: Head Coach Andy Reid, Quarterback Donovan McNabb have plans to change recent history and want to go into the playoffs as a Division winner, not a Wildcard.  Upgrading at Tackle and Wide Receiver in the off season should help.  Two time Pro Bowl Tackle Jason Peters is a big upgrade and should keep McNabb on his feet.  Explosive Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin was drafted in the first round to complement DeSean Jackson.  The synergy of these two and a healthy Kevin Curtis, indicates the Eagles should soar.

Washington Redskins: A team that finished 28th in total points, 23rd in passing yards, 19th in total yards and 8th in rushing yards, was lucky to have finished 8–8. If it weren't for the defense holding up the bridge, 4th in total yards, and 6th in total points, 4–12 would have been closer to their play. Is Head Coach Jim Zorn already on the bubble? Frankly, without immediate progress, the whispers for his head, are about to become a shout.

Dallas Cowboys: Can Tony Romo stay healthy and focus for an entire season? The answer better be yes, because he's worth quite a bit as trade bait.  Will Roy Williams pan out? His cost was reminiscent of a Hershel Walker deal, only in reverse.  Does anybody remember how that worked out for Minnesota?  Can DeMarcus Ware get 20 sacks?  He's been to the Pro–Bowl two years running, can he keep this up? Can jettisoning Terrell Owen and Pac Man Jones clean up the mess on the sideline and prevent a late season letdown?

Did Jerry Jones get it right? It's a tough Division and as they say, the balls not round.  Only lining up and playing the games will separate the winners and the losers.