Eli, Stepping Out As His Own Man!

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Eli, Stepping Out As His Own Man!
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Eli Manning is the quarterback of the Giants.  Eli Manning is the leader of the Giants.  Eli Manning is at times the quietest member of the Giants.  Though Eli is the focal point of the team he is often reserved, soft spoken, and in the backstage.  I would like to interview Eli Manning and allow him to take center spotlight as his own man. 


1. Eli, your latest philanthropic act was building a hospital maternity ward?  What was the motivation behind this act for you and Abby?


2. If you were not playing football what would you see yourself doing?


3. What are ways you relax and unwind off the field?


4.  Name your top 5 New York places? (restaurants, bars, museums, parks, etc)


5. Who is your New York icon?


6. What do you think is the most critical factor for the Giants in having a successful 09/10 season?


7. What would you like to see change in the Giants lineup?


8. What are ways you train beyond team practices?  Yoga, running, etc


9. What member of the coaching staff has been most influential in your career with the Giants?


10. What is your favorite play as a quarterback?


11. How do you think your life would be different if you had stayed in San Diego?


12. How has playing in New York shaped your playing style as well as your personality?


13. You and Abby just celebrated your one year wedding anniversary, how has married life changed you?


14. What is the competition mentality between you and Peyton like?


15. What would winning a second Superbowl mean to you?

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