Clinton's Candor: Interview Questions For The Redskins Running Back

Will SchleichertCorrespondent IMay 28, 2009

My questions for Mr. Portis would be:

  1. This will be your 8th year in the league, and the average shelf life for NFL running backs is not very long.  How do you prepare to combat the challenges of age and injury that humble some of the best runners each year?
  2. What are your personal and team goals for the season? 
  3. Have you ever considered slimming back down to your Denver playing weight when you were more explosive and set career highs in TD's, YPC, and runs of 50+ yards?
  4. As your stats have declined while in D.C., what do you say to the critics who claim you were just another product of the Broncos’ O-line scheme?
  5. What are the biggest differences between your time playing in Denver and your current situation in Washington?
  6. There have been rumors that Mike Shanahan has met with Skins owner Dan Snyder, and that Shanahan might be in line to take over if the team does poorly this season.  How would you feel about reuniting with your former coach?
  7. Having played for him in Denver, can you compare his offensive philosophy with those of coaches Gibbs and Zorn?
  8. Last year you had well publicized disputes with (radio host and former Redskin) Brian Mitchell and coach Zorn.  What did you learn from these events, and how are your current relationships with those two
  9. What is your typical game day routine?  Do you have any pregame superstitions?
  10. How many more years do you anticipate playing in the NFL? 
  11. If you're at the end of your career and still haven't won a title, and the Redskins are struggling, would you ride out the storm or attempt to force a trade?  
  12. Which teammate or coach has taught you the most over your career?
  13. Which running backs did you admire most when you were growing up?
  14. Who do you think are the top running backs in the game today?  Where would you rank yourself amongst them?
  15. What is the one moment in your career that you are most proud of?
  16. What's one thing about Clinton Portis the average fan doesn’t know?
  17. You’ve entertained the media with your costumes and alter egos over the past few years.  Can we expect to see any of them back this season, and have you been planning any new characters?
  18. Finally, can I get a prediction for the Redskins 2009 season?