The Impact an Injury Free Season From Felix Jones May Have On Cowboys

Nicole LondonContributor IMay 28, 2009

IRVING, TX - OCTOBER 05:  Running back Felix Jones #28 of the Dallas Cowboys celebrates a touchdown with Marion Barber #24 against the Cincinnati Bengals at Texas Stadium on October 5, 2008 in Irving, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The most obvious downfall for the Dallas Cowboys last season was definitely offense; the turning point; an absent running game. After loosing both starters to injuries, the Cowboys became one-dimensional, relying solely on their passing game and avoiding the run.

With two unhealthy running backs, starter Marion Barber, who suffered a toe injury toward the end of the season, which caused him to miss one game and limited play in the final three games for the season. As well as Felix Jones, who appeared in six games before a season ending injury to his hamstring. The Cowboys expect to lean more on there running game this season with a healthy Barber and Jones combo.

During his rookie year, Jones carried the ball 30 times for 266 yards and three touchdowns. One can only imagine what the Barber, Jones twosome could have done if they remained healthy the entire year. As the season kicks off I would definitely single out Jones on his impact last season and his expectations prior to entering the 2009 season with a few questions.

Let's Jump right in…

  • How was your first summer as an NFL star?
  • So you’re from Tulsa, Oklahoma, home of the late great Wayman Tisdale. Tisdale was actually born in Fort Worth, Texas, but raised in Tulsa, he also graduated from your high school, Booker T Washington. I know he was a huge philanthropist in the area, did you have a chance to meet him?
  • Last season you were a rookie, what crazy rookie pranks did the guys pull on you and how are you paying those veterans back this season? If none, what are some pranks you heard about and how did you avoid becoming a target?
  • Do you have any pranks up your sleeve for this year’s group of rookies?
  • Last season was a huge blow after going out with a bad hamstring, did any veterans expect more of you by asking you to carry bags or get breakfast/lunch?
  • About the hamstring, how is it, and what did you do to get healthy?
  • During your first six games of the season, you were a huge help to releasing Barber while maintaining production, have you sat down with the coaches and discussed what it will take to continue that momentum this year?
  • What are your goals entering this season?
  • What were your biggest obstacles last season and what are you doing to advance beyond those?
  • Obviously, Terrell Owens is no longer your go to receiver, how important is it for you and Barber to remain healthy this season?
  • Do you believe teams will try to expose a possible weakness at receiver by placing more pressure on the line and blitzing?
  • What will you guys do to counter those possibilities and how will that affect your effectiveness for 2009?
  • What are your team expectations this season, with the development of new talent is it possible for you guys to win the Super Bowl and what will it take to get the job done?