WWE Survivor Series 2013 Results: GSM's Analysis and Aftermath

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistNovember 25, 2013

WWE Survivor Series 2013 Results: GSM's Analysis and Aftermath

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    On Sunday night, WWE presented its 27th annual Survivor Series pay-per-view live from the TD Garden in Boston. Despite being one of WWE's signature Big Four pay-per-views, the show fell flat, as many expected it would going into the event.

    Not only were many of the matches far too predictable, but hardly anything on this show had me looking forward to the future. At a time where WWE desperately needs to create new stars, the company has since resorted back to the stagnant status quo and has shown no signs of improving any time soon.

    In the night's main event, Randy Orton collided with Big Show for the WWE Championship. With some help from The Authority, Show came up short of capturing the gold.

    In other action, hometown hero John Cena put his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Alberto Del Rio. Despite a courageous effort from Del Rio, it was the leader of the Cenation who was successful in walking away with his title intact.

    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan paired up for the first time ever on pay-per-view to take on The Wyatt Family's Luke Harper and Erik Rowan in tag team action. Bray Wyatt's henchmen put forth a strong effort against the former world champions, but it was ultimately "The Best and The Beard" who emerged victorious.

    Here, I will analyze each significant segment presented on the show. I will also provide a combination of predictions and wishful thinking about what I hope to see in coming weeks.

The Miz Def. Kofi Kingston (Kickoff Match)

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    Miz didn't act heelish at all from what I saw, so I like the slow-burning heel turn WWE is doing with him. I still think there was a lot left in the tank for him as a babyface, but the fact of the matter is that he was so badly damaged in that role that he had to be turned.

    His match with Kingston was well wrestled, which shouldn't be any surprise given how many matches they have had against each other over the years. It was certainly one of the more intriguing pre-show matches in quite some time, and Miz going over clean was a nice touch.

    Kingston refusing to shake his hand afterward was a good way of keeping the feud alive and leaving me anxious to find out what comes next.

Team Shield Def. Team Mysterio (Traditional Elimination Tag Team Match)

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    In what was undoubtedly the match of the night, everyone in this match managed to shine one way or another. I was disappointed to see the only five-on-five tag team match kick off the show, but it surely made for a hot opener.

    Dean Ambrose should have lasted a little longer, but it was a nice swerve to have him eliminated early on. I didn't at all expect the heels to battle back and score the victory, nor did I expect Mysterio to be beaten in his first match back (excluding SmackDown).

    Obviously, Roman Reigns was the breakout star of this match, coming off like an absolute beast with his scintillating spears on four of the five faces on the opposing team. My only question is why WWE just didn't have him eliminate all five men by himself.

    Regardless, the finish was fantastic, and all signs point to Reigns branching off on his own sooner rather than later.

Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston Def. Curtis Axel

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    As good as their match was on Raw Country, Langston and Axel couldn't capture lighting in a bottle twice with their match on this show. Perhaps it was the fact that it followed a hot opener, but I think a majority of the fans just didn't care.

    It is hard to blame the live crowd for being so dead for this bout, as the finish was never in doubt. I, personally, didn't mind Langston's post-match promo, but I can see why some people found it to be a bit cheesy.

    Langston has a bright future as a fan favorite, so here's hoping WWE stays the course with him going forward.

Team Total Divas Def. Team True Divas (Traditional Elimination Tag Team Match)

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    This match was one massive train wreck, but did anyone expect anything else going in? The eliminations were rapid fire and none were given enough time to settle in, but it was probably for the better considering most of the Divas in the match aren't very good workers.

    Of course, it came down to Natalya and AJ, as expected, allowing Natalya to get her revenge on AJ without having to take her title. I wouldn't mind this leading to a title match at TLC next month, but I didn't expect the heel team to win here anyway considering it wasn't anything more than a shameless plug for Total Divas.

Mark Henry Def. Ryback

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    Henry making his return was a pleasant surprise, and the live crowd reacted accordingly to him coming back. He appears to still be a babyface, which is fine by me considering WWE is lacking in strong babyfaces right now.

    I thought this bout was better than their WrestleMania match, which isn't saying much since the latter was a huge disappointment in my mind. Even still, it was a successful return for Henry, while Ryback is still winless on pay-per-view. Wasn't he in the main event of last year's event?

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena Def. Alberto Del Rio

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    Despite being in his "hometown" of Boston (he's actually from West Newbury), Cena still evoked a chorus of boos during his entrance. This has been the norm for years now, so this wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it is worth noting that that was the only interaction the crowd had with this match.

    Cena and Del Rio have good chemistry together and have always had entertaining matches, but everyone and their mother knew Cena was retaining here. Thus, it was hard to buy into Del Rio as a potential threat to Cena's title.

    Sure, it was a good match, but the predictability of it is what hindered it more than anything else. Where Del Rio goes from here is beyond me.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Def. Luke Harper and Erik Rowan

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    Similar to Del Rio, it was hard to buy into the possibility of The Wyatt Family defeating Punk and Bryan considering they are still relatively new to the roster. Sure, a victory over two former world champions would have boosted their credibility big time, but losing here didn't do much to hurt their momentum.

    It was a solid match with a handful of fun spots, but the overall outing won't be remembered next week. I fully expect The Wyatt Family to get their heat back with an attack on Punk or Bryan (or both) on Raw.

WWE Champion Randy Orton Def. Big Show

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    This had to be one of the worst main event matches in a pay-per-view I have seen in a long, long time. First off, Orton and Show have zero chemistry with each other, especially with Orton as the heel and Show as the face.

    We were promised "no interference" last week, which all but guaranteed there were going to be shenanigans of some sort. Thus, The Authority distracting Show to allow Orton to pick up the victory wasn't surprising at all.

    I didn't expect this match to be a five-star classic by any means, but I came into the event thinking the main event match would at least go longer than 12 minutes. If nothing else, Orton utilizing the punt kick was a nice touch, and I hope it becomes a regular move in his repertoire as a heel.

    I am interested as to what WWE will do with John Cena and Orton coming off of this show, but that doesn't mean I am looking forward to a potential champion vs. champion match between them.

Overall Show

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    With the build for this show being downright atrocious, you had to know that the event wasn't going to much more than mediocre. I had a shred of hope that it would be better than I initially anticipated, but it simply met my low expectations.

    There were several solid matches, but it really all went downhill after the opener. There was hardly anything noteworthy about this pay-per-view, and it continued the sad streak of underwhelming events.

    Survivor Series is supposed to be one of WWE's Big Four pay-per-views, so it is incredibly disappointing to think WWE treated this like any other event without making it feel special. One can only hope that the product will start to improve when the Road to WrestleMania kicks in.


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