What to Expect from the Nov. 25 Edition of WWE Monday Night Raw

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistNovember 25, 2013

What to Expect from the Nov. 25 Edition of WWE Monday Night Raw

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    With Survivor Series now in the bag—without any real surprises to speak of from one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year—expect some more solid TV time for the WWE when Monday Night Raw airs.

    After the WWE successfully retained its two major championships, it threw in a potential swerve at the end of the show by teasing a new angle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belts.

    The momentum of some of the company's exciting young talents were maintained at the event as well, and you would imagine that we will see more of that on the show.

    Lets take a look at what we can expect from tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw—and whether we are likely to see any big developments.

Kofi Kingston Heel Turn to Get Underway?

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    It was finally suggested at Survivor Series that Kofi Kingston could be about to turn heel.

    Even though it was The Miz who seemingly turned on Kingston in last week's Monday Night Raw, Kingston offered a potential tease by refusing to shake The Miz's hand after their match on Sunday night.

    Kingston's character has gone stale in recent years. He has never been able to hit the heights he did when he feuded with Randy Orton, and a heel turn may be refreshing.

    If the WWE does turn Kingston, the best thing that it could do would be to get him away from The Miz and have him pursue his own angle.

The Hall of Pain to Reopen for Business

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    In what feels like a regular occurrence in WWE these days, another superstar returned from injury on Sunday night.

    With his victory over the ever-increasing jobber, Ryback, Mark Henry announced his return to the ring with a new look—and got a pretty decent pop from the crowd at Survivor Series.

    Expect Henry to target his next member for the "Hall of Pain" on Monday Night Raw. Hopefully, it isn't Ryback.

    Henry is too good to be concerning himself with a guy who is currently losing on a regular basis. Whether Henry continues forward as a face to watch or turns heel once more remains to be seen.

Go Forth and Reign, Roman

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    The WWE creative team signalled its intent to move forward and push Roman Reigns by leaving him as the last man standing at Survivor Series on Sunday night.

    Although somebody had to be the man who remained at the end of the traditional Survivor Series, the fact that it was Reigns speaks volumes for the future of The Shield—and Reigns in particular.

    He ripped through the opposition with a series of devastating spears, and looks to be set for a major push in the near future.

    Although a split was teased within The Shield a few weeks ago, the waters look to have calmed there, but Reigns will be at the top end of the company before too long.

    That push could well start on Monday Night Raw.

Punk and Bryan to Continue Against Bray Wyatt

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    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan appear to be two WWE superstars who are in limbo at this moment.

    With the events that saw Survivor Series go off the air Sunday night, Punk and Bryan do not look set for a return to the title picture anytime soon.

    Expect them to continue forward in their rivalry against Bray Wyatt and his family. Although they got the win at Survivor Series, the events at the end of the match seemed to suggest that this rivalry is far from over.

    To be fair, Wyatt is an interesting foe for two of the indie darlings of WWE. He is able to keep things fresh and interesting in terms of work at the mike, and we will no doubt see the feud continue on Monday.

A Push Towards Unification?

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    While Randy Orton retained his WWE championship at Survivor Series with his expected victory over Big Show, the WWE offered a potential twist by teasing a unification of the two main championship belts down the line.

    The angle was teased earlier in the night when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were backstage with John Cena—after he had retained his world heavyweight championship belt.

    After Orton's victory over Show, Cena came out and the pay-per-view went off air with both men holding their titles aloft to close the show.

    In truth, a unification would have both its good and bad points. The world heavyweight championship has fallen down the pecking order of importance in the WWE. Even Cena has been unable to install any real interest in the belt.

    However, with such a crowded roster, two main belts could still be the way to go to keep plenty of top stars in various championship pictures.