WWE Survivor Series 2013 Review: Biggest Stars of the Night from Latest PPV

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistNovember 25, 2013

WWE Survivor Series 2013 Review: Biggest Stars of the Night from Latest PPV

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    The 2013 WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view is in the books. After reviewing what happened throughout Sunday night, it's clear that some people are walking out of this event much bigger stars than others.

    Not everyone can win every match, and if all of the wrestlers were in the main event, there would be no special main event.

    But in an event where no titles changed hands and many predictable outcomes took place, which people took the spotlight and made sure that we'll be remembering them come tomorrow?

    Whether it was because of an impressive performance, WWE building the show around them or a combination of the two, let's break down the names that were made that much more important with this pay-per-view.

1. Mark Henry

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    In no way was he the absolute highlight of the evening, but Mark Henry still was given something special to do Sunday night.

    Any time someone makes their return—and it isn't swept under the rug—it ends up being something that ends up on the list of important events that transpired.

    Beating Ryback after his open challenge adds some more value to it, making Henry look dominant, powerful and very credible, as if he's come back better than before and ready for a challenge.

    With Big Show coming up short and possibly being written off with the punt to the head, Henry could already be positioned as the next challenger for Randy Orton's WWE Championship.

2. Total Divas

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    The traditional elimination match featuring the Divas this year served no purpose other than to draw attention to the Total Divas show.

    As such, it didn't matter who this team of women went up against, because outside of AJ Lee and to a smaller extent, Tamina, none of those women themselves actually mattered here.

    Although Eva Marie and Cameron were given the short end of the stick and did virtually nothing, the rest of their teammates were all given something noteworthy to do.

    Naomi was responsible for the first elimination of the night, taking out Alicia Fox.

    The Bella Twins were the workhorses of the team, being involved in most of the action with Nikki getting two eliminations under her name.

    This was our first time really getting a look at Jojo, and her point in the match came with all eyes squarely on her, instead of getting lost in the shuffle. She also managed to not look too bad when going up against Tamina.

    Of course, Natalya cannot be forgotten, getting two eliminations and winning the match for her team.

    Look out for WWE to try to replicate putting attention on this group of women Monday night on Raw in some kind of tag team rematch of sorts to keep the momentum going.

3. John Cena

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    John Cena trumps even the WWE Champion
    John Cena trumps even the WWE Champion(photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    There's no escaping John Cena being in a list that talks about the biggest focal points of the night. It is always going to happen, so it should come as no surprise.

    Three aspects of Sunday night's show revolved entirely around John Cena simply being John Cena.

    For this entire year, Cena has been the person to carry a championship storyline on his shoulders and make it relevant, whether it was building up to his match against The Rock, dropping it to Daniel Bryan or winning the belt from Alberto Del Rio.

    While Del Rio was the man at the top, WWE treated it as though it wasn't very important.

    Now that Cena is involved, it becomes something that is given much more attention.

    You can add on top of that how Cena was in Boston and retained his title with the intention of giving the audience a babyface victory pop.

    The third and most substantial reason Cena is on this list, however, is the way in which the pay-per-view ended.

    If Orton were to merely retain his title and celebrate, it would be a rather lackluster finale for the night.

    Having Cena come out and draw the attention toward teasing a possible title unification at WrestleMania XXX means that WWE now has a major talking point for the next few months.

    Cena may always say that we can't see him, but WWE never neglects an opportunity to make sure that we are seeing him front and center.

    He may not have been the top star of this PPV event, but he may have made the biggest impact for the future.

4. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Just like Cena was the big name in his match against Del Rio, so too were CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in their match against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

    If Harper and Rowan were to be facing off against Los Matadores or Tons of Funk, this would have been a simple buffer match that people could use as a bathroom break.

    However, with the inclusion of Punk and Bryan, it suddenly matters.

    Punk and Bryan may have received the most cheers out of everyone during this PPV, provoking chants like "this is awesome" which were noticeably absent during the main event.

    In fact, coupled with Randy Orton vs. Big Show receiving "boring" chants, there also were chants of "we want Bryan," showing just how big of a star he's become.

    Winning the match certainly doesn't hurt, but obviously these two don't even need that in order for the fans to consider them two of the primary reasons for watching the show.

5. Roman Reigns

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    (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

    Everyone mentioned prior in this list has something to be proud of, but none of them come remotely close to Roman Reigns.

    Without a doubt, Reigns is the absolute biggest star of Survivor Series 2013.

    People will talk about Henry's return for the next week. Punk and Bryan will continue to remain popular. Total Divas may have won some new viewers.

    But unless the John Cena and Randy Orton tease does lead to a title unification down the line, the top story everyone will remember come next year's Survivor Series will be the domination by Roman Reigns.

    Almost single-handedly, Reigns saved the opening match of the night from becoming a boring squash match.

    It goes without being said that the entire elimination schedule revolved around making Reigns look strong, and this was fully accomplished.

    After this showing, watch out for fans to start calling Reigns the next WWE champion and expecting the world to be given to him over the next few months.

    It may or may not happen in the future, but at least right now, Reigns' star power has been magnified considerably, and the road ahead looks very promising for him.

    Who do you think stood out as the biggest stars of Survivor Series 2013? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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