Potential Names for David Beckham's MLS Franchise

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistNovember 22, 2013

Potential Names for David Beckham's MLS Franchise

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    After finally hanging up his boots earlier this year, David Beckham is looking to continue his legacy within the beautiful game by becoming the owner of a team.

    Goldenballs is expected to take charge of a yet-to-be-announced new MLS franchise in Miami, a city that hasn't enjoyed top-tier football since the Fusion were dissolved in 2001.

    On Friday, Beckham gave an inkling to ESPN that the new team is an inevitability: "Miami is something that really excites me because there is a great energy down there. They are ready for a football team in that part of the world."

    Once the new Florida team gets the MLS stamp of approval, it will need a name—and we're one step ahead with these ideas. You're welcome, Dave... 

Miami Humidity

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    Ever since he arrived in the United States in 2007, David Beckham has been a passionate fan of the NBA. He will be sharing the city with the championship-winning Miami Heat, so why not piggy-back on their success by playing on their name?

    Miami still feels like a Turkish steam room in the middle of December, so this name seems very apt. 

LeBroncaster Rovers

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    Beckham is rumoured to be teaming up with Heat 'baller LeBron James with the new team, per Joseph Goodman of the Miami Heraldso why not emphasise the affiliation with one of America's most popular sportsmen?

Miami Porpoises

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    Despite dwindling recent attendances and the indiscretions of Richie Incognito, Miami loves its Dolphins NFL team. And since the delightful porpoise-saving antics of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, so does the rest of the world. 

    If the new team chooses to play at the Dolphins' Sun Life Stadium, it could hitch a ride on the commercial success of the gridiron side and even keep the same livery.

Brooklyn Dodgers

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    David Beckham is a family man, who clearly adores his eldest son Brooklyn. 

    The 14-year-old plays for the Fulham academy and looks set to follow in daddy's footsteps. Who knows, in a few years he could be the star of his eponymous team.

    Also, since American sports franchises seem to move around an awful lot, this name would make a transition up the East Coast to New York a lot easier.

FC Sporting Deportivo Atletico De Miami

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    Most American sports teams use the same formula: "Name of City + Arbitrary Scary-sounding Animal."

    MLS, however, tends not to follow this trend, with many teams choosing to borrow European-style suffixes and prefixes (Sporting Kansas City; FC Dallas; Real Salt Lake etc.).

    For maximum effect in the global market, why not just cram in as many as possible? 

Miami Manatees

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    Florida used to love its manatees. Not so long ago, a trip to Sea World wasn't complete without being bombarded by information about these endangered sea cows.

    These days, however, the aquatic theme park seems to have forgotten about the lovable big guys. Let's put them back at the forefront and get them the recognition they deserve via a major sporting franchise! 


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