Breaking Down the NFC East Draft

Michael McGowanSenior Analyst IApril 19, 2008

The NFC East is the best division in football hands down.  The Cowboys were the best in the NFC last year with the NY Giants winning the whole thing.  Washington and Philly were no slouches either.  Showing that they have issues, but still closing strong.  Even Philadelphia who brought up the rear in the division still closed strong. 

Lets break down each teams top three needs and take a look at what order they will pick in for each position.  Who will be available for the number one pick for each team?  And who could be a steal that could contribute later in the draft.

Let's start with the Super Bowl Champs.  They are actually facing a tough decision right now.  What will they do with Jeremy Shockey?  If they are thinking about moving him, they should definitely try to do it come draft day.  The Giants will watch alot of teams draft D-line in the first round.  They will all be trying to build a mold of what the Giants brought to the playoffs.  A mold that even made Tom Brady struggle.  First, the Giants will need to upgrade their Line backing and Secondary.  They need a starting Corner.  I really like the Giants taking Mike Jenkins with the 31st pick.  If he is there, which he could be, they should take him.  I have seen him anywhere from number 10, to the second round on Mock Drafts.  The other issue the Giants may face is whether Michael Strahan is coming back.  He said his decision would come sooner this year, but going into the draft they still do not know.  They do have two back up plans, one in Justin Tuck and two in linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka.  Which means they may have to add depth linebacker.  Every team has needs, but the Giants really are set at all major positions. 

So far this off season, they have added David Carr to back up Eli.  They had to replace Gibril Wilson and Kawika Mitchell with Danny Clark and Sammy Knight.  They look very solid though and right now the Giants will be going into the draft with very little concerns.  Jared Mayo a linebacker could also step in and start right away.  His stock has been doing nothing but rise this off season. 

Here are some players they may look to add in the second. Dajuan Morgan a Safety from NC State should be a solid second round addition.  CB Justin King may also be a good second round pick who could step in and play atleast the nickel corner.


Next up the Dallas Cowboys:

The top three needs for Dallas would be Corner, and then depth at the WR position and Running back positions.  Good news for the cowboys is that they have two first round picks at 22 and 28.  They should be able to take car of two of those needs no problem.  Unless they feel like they should trade up and get a star.  They were in talks for a while with Miami about trading for their number one overall pick, but that stalled.  Now they could really get up in the top 7 and get Darren McFadden like they wanted in the first place.  The tandem of Marion Barber and McFadden would be unstoppable.  If they do not do that, then I see them taking Johnathan Stewart the running back from Oregon and a Corner with Aqib Talib.  They could go this way, or get Malcolm Kelly if he is still available at 22 and possibly take Felix Jones at 28. 

The Cowboys could try and steal a WR in the second round with Early Doucet or Mario Manningham.  This is a very weak WR draft, but you never know where these guys will fall.  Jerry Jones will make a move if he feels like he can get the guy he really wants.


The Redskins up next, and again have alot of needs but had a solid year last year and they will pick 21 in the first and 20 in the second.  The Redskins also need a WR but need help more on both lines.  They should be stock piling on both lines in the first and second rounds.  The Redskins are always a threat to move up always a threat to trade.  I really do not see them doing it this year, but in a year where some teams are trying to trade down, the Redskins would always think about trading up.  With the 21st overall pick the Washington Redskins will take James Hardy a WR out of Indiana.  We all know they need help with the line, but the Redskins are always looking at skill position guys.  I really do not see them going any other way. 

In the Second round, they will probably make a smart pick and take Calais Cambell.  Cambell is a Miami Boy, who is very quick at the Defensive End position.


And Last, the first team to pick from the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Needs for the Eagles would be O-line depth, WR, and then it would be the Safety position to replace Brian Dawkins, and possibly another linebacker with the subtraction of TKO.  The Eagles usually would take a line position in the first round, but it looks like unless they move up with the trade of Lito Sheppard, that too many Offensive lineman will be taken ahead of them, and they will have to take either Kenny Phillips or a WR.  Receivers that could be available would be Desean Jackson, Devin Thomas, or Limas Sweed. 

The Second round is where they could actually add a pick with Lito being traded.  I expect them to grab a defensive end and an Offensive tackle.  The Eagles are very good at bringing up Offensive lineman and it wouldn't be too bad for them to wait on one.  Lawrence Jackson from USC would be a very solid second round pick.  He could step right in and get minutes on the D-line. 

Can't wait for next Saturday, ENJOY!