Corey Feldman and Dodgeball Feature in Fantastic Twitter Tale

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 20, 2013

Photo Credit: Corey Feldman's Twitter

Corey Feldman is still playing a huge role in fantastic stories. Sadly, his latest turn isn't as one of the Frog Brothers but as a down-on-his-luck dodgeball player who may or may not have been bullied by teenagers. 

Oh, also, this isn't from a weird after-school special, but from an actual dodgeball game. 

SportsGrid's Rick Chandler spotted some wonderful tweets that really should find their way onto the feed of some Hollywood producer, because I would pay to see this all happen. 

The tweets belong to Drew McWeeny of HitFix (previously of Ain't It Cool News) and were even featured in a previous Deadspin article, so apologies for being late to the party. 

Rather than muck up a perfectly good story (too late?) we present to you dodgeball à la Corey Feldman: 

Unfortunately, we have to point out that there was an actual crime that occurred within the confines of this story: Nobody thought to capture all of this on video. 

Now, we take the story with some skepticism, but there is no reason not to think McWeeny wasn't privy to some awesome dodgeball encounter. 

It's still unfathomable that phones weren't busted out the second someone like Feldman hit the gym. I know I was in the same bar as The Lost Boys' Jason Patric and had a hand on my smartphone just in case anything crazy occurred. 

So if Feldman is getting in on some trampoline dodgeball, you call in the amateur video crews. 

Sure, there have been wonderful dodgeball stories in the past: Paul Pierce and the Nets playing and Aaron Rodgers dominating come to mind. 

Still, there is nothing better than the thought of Edgar Frog storming off in a fit after getting one too many balls sent his way. 

The best part is McWeeny's son, who offered the following: 

Yes, that was indeed Mouth from The Goonies, the same kid who chided Chunk to do the Truffle Shuffle, and he is now getting it returned to him tenfold. 

It seems this bullying epidemic has spread to all corners of the sports world, taking over the frantic and beloved pastime known as dodgeball. 

Now, don't worry too much about Feldman. If you believe half of what some of the various very NSFW stories have to offer (NSFW link), he is doing just fine in the ego department. 

You had one job, world. Get video of Feldman playing dodgeball. It's like I don't even know you anymore, Internet. 


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