USC Bro Takes Beautiful Selfie with Sad David Shaw After Trojans Upset Stanford

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterNovember 18, 2013

Image via BroBible

Losing to USC hurt. A lot.

The disappointment was written all over the faces of Stanford players and staff on Saturday night, and head coach David Shaw was no exception. 

After multiple, gut-wrenching turnovers by quarterback Kevin Hogan, Stanford lost on a 47-yard field goal by USC kicker Andre Heidari.

USC students poured onto the field at the Coliseum, and somewhere in the scrum, a lone Trojans bro managed to get up close to the Stanford head coach and take a priceless selfie.

The image was noticed by Brandon Wenerd of Bro Bible, who writes that the image “sums up everything great and awesome about college football.”

Image via BroBible

It’s difficult to disagree with that sentiment, considering the toxic amounts of rage-face boiling beneath Shaw’s skin in the image. That anger, juxtaposed against the sheer elation in this USC student’s face, allows this selfie to transcend itself and become high art.

This student did not care—not for a moment.

He just ran up and took a photo right in David Shaw’s face, and must be commended for choosing a (relatively) subtle approach to celebrating his team’s upset.

Some fans would lay into Shaw with overrated chants and finger pointing. This guy literally turned the cheek and snapped a selfie—a selfie of victory.

That being said, this image does beg a question: How did this young man get this close to the opponent’s head coach?

Surely there had to be some sort of police detail on the field protecting Shaw? The field-rushing at the Coliseum on Saturday was an intense bit of business, and reports indicate that several Trojans fans were injured in the flood of bodies.

Thankfully, Shaw was able to exit the field without incident, although not before having his rage documented for posterity. And what beautiful rage it was. 


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