An Interview With the Buffalo Bills' Trent Edwards

Garrett HirschmanContributor IMay 27, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - DECEMBER 28:  Trent Edwards #5 of the Buffalo Bills calls out a play during the game against the New England Patriots on December 28, 2008 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Buffalo Bills fans are desperate for a franchise quarterback. 

It's been 13 years since Jim Kelly retired, and, so far, no other quarterback has reached "franchise" status. 

Trent Edwards is looking to change that.

To this point, Edwards is thought pretty highly of in Buffalo. He is well-spoken, seems very sharp, and has shown some signs of greatness on the field.

Fans want to love Edwards in the worst way. However, in sports, the only thing that matters is "what have you done for me lately?" For Edwards, lately is the upcoming season.

If Edwards gets the Bills to the playoffs, he will be loved. If he wins a playoff game, he will be revered. But if he wins a Super Bowl, he will reach legend status and surpass Kelly as the greatest quarterback in Bills' history. Unless, of course, he badmouths the team, and/or city. In that case, he will be remembered, but not put ahead of Kelly.

So what would Edwards think of all this? I honestly could not tell you, but I know if I had the opportunity to interview him, the questions I would ask would be something like this:

A lot of fans think this is a make-or-break year for you as the Bills quarterback.  Do you think it is a make-or-break season, and how does that affect you and the pressure you might be feeling?

I might expect a typical answer to this question like, "I treat it like any other year." However, it is hard to dispute that Edwards will have a lot of pressure on him to succeed, especially considering all the weapons the Bills have on offense. 

It has been 10 years since the Bills have made the playoffs and even longer since they have WON a playoff game. This will only be your third season here, but does the playoff drought enter your mind at all when you think about taking this team to the playoffs?

This is a question I wouldn't mind asking anyone on the Bills. Fans are well aware of the drought, and even though no one on this team has been here all 10 seasons without playoffs, does it matter to them? Fans would like to think it does, because we are not even sure it matters to the owner!

What do you think will be most-improved in your game this season?

The best answer here would be consistency. Edwards played like a second-year quarterback last season. Good for a stretch, not so good for a stretch. But, if you took consistency off the table, you might want to see him have a better command of the offense and call some more audibles during the game.

The Patriots have owned the Bills this decade. It seems that they not only beat you, but they out-play, out-class, and out-do the Bills in every area. Does it bother you and the team that every time you play New England, you get shown up?

My guess is that Edwards would say that losing bothers him and the team no matter who it is against. This question would probably require a follow-up where I asked, "Yes, but New England is the class of the NFL, and your division. Losing to them doesn't bother you more than losing to the Arizona Cardinals, for example?" 

Fans want to believe that the team cares as much about getting creamed by the Patriots as they do. However, the way that the Bills played the Patriots last season, there is reason to doubt that.

Fans are nervous that the Bills might be leaving Buffalo, either for Toronto or maybe another place like Los Angeles. What do you think of the prospect of the team moving away from Buffalo?

This question will show how much smarter Trent Edwards is compared to Willis McGahee.  This question is trying to see the connection that Edwards has with the community and the region. Buffalo fans love players who like Buffalo and who can see what the team means to the area and the fans themselves. 

How would you describe the fans of the Buffalo Bills?

Edwards is smart, and he would understand that even if he had to lie, there is only one way to answer this question. Again, the purpose here is to give Edwards the chance to endear himself to the fans. Buffalo fans are easy to flatter, and they know it.  

Bill Walsh spoke highly of you coming out of college. What does that do for your confidence as a quarterback?

Everyone knows about Bill Walsh's feelings on Edwards. It definitely gave the fans more confidence in Edwards' ability, but I wonder what it actually did for the Stanford grad's confidence, or maybe his ego. 

How long have you wanted to be an NFL quarterback, and when did you first think it could actually happen?

Athletes might make a lot of money and be celebrities, but at one point they were pretty ordinary individuals with a dream. A lot of kids have wanted to be NFL quarterbacks at one point or another, myself included, but very few ever get the chance. 

As a quarterback, would you rather have a great offensive line, or a great group of receivers?

Considering how much he got beat up in college, my guess is he would take the great offensive line.

Where is your favorite place to eat in the greater Buffalo area?

Personally, I would pick the Anchor Bar or Pearle Street, or maybe a concession stand in Ralph Wilson Stadium on a Sunday afternoon in mid January.

Who knows, maybe Trent Edwards frequents b/r and he can contact me for an interview, or leave a comment with his answers.