10 Reasons Why the Denver Broncos Will Win the AFC West

Bryce BedingerContributor IMay 27, 2009

The Denver Broncos are a team that has been completely and utterly re-vamped since the 2008 season. They have new running backs, and a defense will a brand new look, which includes a new 3-4 system.

Why will they win the AFC West? I will be listing 10 reasons why the Broncos can do just that. Enjoy the rankings!

1. Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels has always been an offense-based coach. He was the QB's coach in New England, and was promoted to offensive coordinator later on in his time with the Patriots. With the new offense that McDaniels has to work with this season, The Broncos offense should thrive even more than it did last year.

2. Kyle Orton

As if I haven't expressed my faith in Orton in previous articles, I like that he's our QB, and I believe he has potential to be great.

Kyle will be getting help from McDaniels, who was once the QB instructor for Tom Brady when the Pats won the Superbowl. With Josh's help, Orton can be better than he was in the 2008-2009 season.

Also, Kyle will have a wide variety of fantastic Wide Receivers to throw to. They will be key to Orton in the long run.

3. Running Backs

Last year, the Broncos had seven RB's on IR. Though one running back, or should I say Full back, proved that he could play, even in the short time that he played.

Peyton Hillis dominated the running game every time he ran the ball. Granted he only play for seven games, but nonetheless in that time he had 343 yards for 5 touchdowns. I loved watching him play, and I look forward to seeing him play again.

Along with Hillis, the Broncos recently drafted Knowshon Moreno, star running back from Georgia, in this years draft. Moreno is said to have great potential to be this years Rookie of the Year, and will definitely start for the Broncos.

4. Wide Receivers

The Broncos arguably have the best WR line-ups in the entire NFL.

First, you have Brandon Marshall. Marshall was the Best WR on paper last year for the Denver Broncos (even though he was out for the first game of the season). Though he could work on holding the ball in clutch times of the game, he definitely knows how to catch the ball if it's thrown anywhere near him.

Eddie Royal was one of the best Rookie receivers in the league last year. He, like Brandon Marshall, Caught the ball at critical times. Royal is also the fastest starting receiver that the Broncos have. Royal should be a favorite for Orton to throw to.

Brandon Stokley is one of the best slot receivers in the entire league. His ability to catch fast "bullets", and difficult passes will be key for short TD's, and first downs.

5. Offensive line

Jay Cutler was sacked 11 times last season. It may not seem like something to brag about, but Cutler threw 616 passes last year, dew mainly to the absence of seven running backs.

Ryan Clady, last year, allowed less than three of these sacks as a rookie ( surprisingly, he did not make the pro bowl).

The offensive line was very partial to the reason the Broncos had the No. 2 offense last year.

6. 3-4 Defense

The Denver Broncos switched to a 3-4 defense. This could be very beneficial for the players who are currently on the team who did not fit in the 4-3 scheme. This switch will help stop opposing RB's from constantly piling through our defense.

7. Corner backs

Champ Bailey, last season, was out for seven weeks. And what a painful seven games it was. During the time period, the Broncos lost three of the seven games. And even the games that they did win, they were all close (except for the game against the Jets).

Though it isn't impossible, it definitely isn't likely that Bailey will be out again. And Champ is one of the BIGGEST helps to our defense.

The Broncos also drafted Alphonso Smith, who will replace previously released, Dre Bly.

8. Brian Dawkins

In the late Broncos training camp of last year, John Lynch left the team out of the blue. This gave the Broncos no choice but to start Marlon McCree.

Afer releasing McCree, the Broncos have fixed this situation by aquiring future HOF Safety, Brian Dawkins.

The Broncos also drafted Darcel McBath, who will be a great secondary for switching off and on with Dawkins.

9. Injured Reserve

Last year, the Broncos had a combined 12 players on IR. I know that there might be some injuries, but having that many people getting injured for the entire season is one of the most unlikely things to occur, let alone more than five players.

10. Weak Division

Granted, we lost a game, and won a game with each team in our division last season, but the Broncos may have the easiest division in the NFL.

The Chargers will definitely put up a good fight, but I'm sure we'll win at least one game against them.

As for the Chiefs and the Raiders...the Chiefs got rid of their star player, and the Raiders haven't really done much to make their team better.

These are my 10 reasons of why I think the Broncos will win the division this year.


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