KC Chiefs: Pants, Rants, and Chants

Adam SteevesCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 14:  Fans of the Oakland Raiders look on against the New England Patriots during an NFL game on December 14, 2008 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

This article is to sound off on several issues that have come up over the past two weeks. Bleacher Report is a buzz with false information and I hope to clear the mud off of some fan's faces. Some of you real thinkers will like this. Those of you with half a brain will not.


A note to Bronco fans

You did not get an apple for an apple in the Cutler trade. The Bears got the apple, you got the lemon. Your front office gave up a guy who threw for 4,526 yards and 26 TDs last year for a guy who has thrown for 5,319 yds and 30 TDs in his career. Cutler has a better comp percentage too. Therefore, you did not get better. You got...sub-par.


Oakland...need I say more?

Just when I thought Al Davis could not do anything worse, he drafted the third or fourth rated WR when Crabtree and Maclin were still on the board. May I ask why? Some Raider fans can not rationalize this and will defend the pick until the Raiders release him. It will be proven a bad choice soon.


The Chiefs will not make the playoffs

The thought is great. The reality of it is not. Coming off a two win season, management would be thrilled with six or seven wins. If you could make the playoffs by being the best in the offseason, then the Chiefs are a lock. The Chiefs have made trades and signed players that last year would have been unheard of. Chief fans are pleasantly surprised by the way the team has done and they are suddenly expecting the world. Patience, Danielson.


The Chargers were a big surprise in the playoffs last year. This year, they will be out front

Though they have done nothing in the off season, they are most prepared to win the division. The problem is, by not improving, you are letting the other teams catch up. They are on top now, but without improvement, they will get passed up.


Neither Anquan Boldin nor Michael Vick will be a Chief

There is no way on earth Clark Hunt would allow Vick to be a Chief. That is a huge issue and it will not happen. There are a few possibilities to where Boldin could be a Chief. However, they will not work out because Arizona will want too much for him.


Losing Tony Gonzalez is a loss, but not one that will not affect the Chiefs

The Haley offense does not utilize the tight end position, therefore moving him was a smart move. They received a second round pick for him and that is a great deal for a veteran. Tony is great and he will be missed in Kansas City.


The AFC West is not the top notch division in the AFC, by far

For several years, the AFC West would get two teams into the playoffs. Last year, they should not have been allowed any. The division was dismal, at best. The league had to let the Chargers in at 8-8, but left out New England, with a record of 11-5.


Matt Cassel will not be a bust

He might not be Steve Young, but he will be better than anything Kansas City has seen in several years. If he is ranked in the Top ten for quarterbacks, he will be a success. If he is better than that, the Chiefs have got the steal of a lifetime. We shall see.


Though not the best division, the AFC West has the best rivalries

Raiders-Chiefs, Broncos-Chiefs, Chargers-Raiders, Raiders-Broncos. They are the best. Though I hate you when I play you, I root for you once my season is done. I don't call you names. That is your choice. I cheer for a my team and then my division.

With several areas covered, help me to continue the conversation. Bring up others things going on. Tell me that I am wrong and prove it. Let's make this the most commented article on Bleacher Report.