Ohio State WR Evan Spencer Thinks Buckeyes Would 'Wipe the Floor' with Bama, FSU

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 11, 2013

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As we inch closer to the end of the college football regular season, when teams find out their fate, Ohio State isn't shying away from the spotlight and is hoping it can talk its way into the BCS National Championship Game.

Forget Alabama or Florida State, Buckeyes junior wide receiver Evan Spencer thinks that his squad would destroy either team in a potential matchup, according to Ryan Ginn of Buckeye Sports Bulletin:

Wipe the floor, huh?



After his comment took off, Spencer took to Twitter late Monday night to clarify things. 


Meyer later voiced his displeasure. 



-End Update - 


The same Alabama team that has won back-to-back national titles and has already beaten top-tier competition in both Texas A&M and LSU? A Florida State team that has a Heisman candidate at quarterback in Jameis Winston and allows the fourth-least points in the country?

Those are big words from a receiver who is fourth on his own team in receiving yards. If Ohio State did get a chance to play in the big game and managed to pull off the upset, he'd likely need a whole lot of help from his teammates to back up that strong statement.

But never mind what Spencer believes; Ohio State's own head coach doesn't even think it should be the top team in the country. Per Tim May of The Columbus Dispatch, Urban Meyer ranked the Buckeyes No. 2 in the latest USA Today Coaches' Poll, but not even he was foolish enough to consider them better than Alabama. If you're truly head and shoulders better than everybody else, why settle for second best?

This comment is pure nonsense. It's cool to have confidence in yourself and set the bar high. But if you are the best team in the land, you don't have to say it—you prove it on the football field. Players from other teams aren't out there screaming from the mountaintops looking for attention. They let the play on the field speak for itself.

And right now, Ohio State hasn't put together an impressive enough resume to be in the conversation. Also, past Ohio State teams played for the crystal football (2006 and 2007), and SEC schools used them to mop the floor. Florida demolished OSU, 41-14, while LSU won, 38-24.

If the Buckeyes do get the opportunity to play for a national title, either Nick Saban or Jimbo Fisher will have plenty of bulletin-board material.