Oakland Raiders: Keep Hatin'

greg pitschSenior Analyst IApril 18, 2008

There is a time when every team has the ability to turn the page, and open a new chapter in the franchise story-line.  This is the year for the Oakland Raiders to turn it all around. 

It began last year with the #1 pick being JaMarcus Russell, instead of the Wide Receiver by the name of Calvin Johnson.  Does anybody remember last year when all the sportswriters were "guesstimating," that we would end up with a good WR?  What was our response?

A receiver does no good without an o-line, or a decent Quarterback.

Last year it seems to be that Al Davis made the right pick, or in Michael Huff at number seven the year before, was that a bad pick?  We do not tend to make bad selections, especially in the first round.

This year I hope more than anything Chris Long falls past the top three, and ends up in silver and black.  It is highly unlikely, but It is still a common dream of every Raider fan out there. 

Other than that we all know who would end up in our colors.  Can we stop with the whole idea that Al Davis doesn't know what he is doing.  I don't think for one second that he is senile.  He makes good selections.

And if we give both sides of the ball, an equal amount of play-makers, we have succeeded.  The upcoming season will be a good one, with out a doubt in my mind, we will win the AFC West and rise once again.  So to all you haters out there, please realize, we have been down since 2003, and this is our year.  You can't deny us of hope.

When a team is climbing up through the ranks, especially when it is the Raiders, why do other fans want to shoot us down.  Is it because we are no longer helpless?  Is it because we finally have a good season to look forward to?  Or is it that they are scared of us now?  I will guarantee the last thing any team wants to do this season is to go to Mc Afee Coliseum on Sunday.

How many Broncos fans are looking forward to their season opener, in Oakland on Monday Night Football?

If you want to continue to hate, go ahead.  We love it, it just fuels the fire.  Not one true Raider fan on Bleacher Report is going to back down this season.  This is our Nation. The RAIDER Nation!