New York Knicks Christmas Day Uniform Is Bright Orange with Sleeves

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2013

More. Orange.

Uni Watch's Paul Lukas tweeted a picture of the New York Knicks' Christmas Day sleeved jerseys, and fans of the color orange are in luck.

This picture comes on the heels of a snapshot of the release of Christmas-themed jerseys for the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Going Halloween on Christmas is nothing new for the Knicks, who sported orange uniforms last year against the Lakers.

Compared to the other holiday jerseys, these are no different in design—save for the fact that they're orange. Bright. Freakin'. Orange.

Although I understand the need to always rep the team colors, I'd rather see NBA teams that aren't the Celtics or Bulls don some wacky combinations of red and green. You know, the traditional Christmas colors.

The Knicks have worn green jerseys in the past for St. Patrick's Day. Following suit on Christmas apparently makes too much sense.

Enjoy the orange, New York. May you be inspired to fashion sunglasses in December and always have a creamsicle handy.