What's Making Me Talk: Jake Peavy Says No to Chicago, for Now

Nino Colla@TheTribeDailySenior Writer IMay 25, 2009

PEORIA, AZ - FEBRUARY 24:  Jake Peavy #44 of the San Diego Padres poses during photo day at Peoria Stadium on February 24, 2009 in Peoria, Arizona. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours, I hope you spend it doing what we should all do on Memorial Day.

Eat and watch baseball, of course.

In fact, Memorial Day includes three of my favorite things in life and they all begin with the letter B.

Baseball, barbeque, and board games.

Board games you say? Yes, board games. This year won't be a normal Memorial Day, so there are no board games with the family, but I'll take two out of the three and substitute board games with my mother's macaroni salad.

Memorial Day is the perfect holiday to mix with baseball, as is the Fourth of July. It's just something American about the sport that meshes well with the patriotic holidays.

Not to mention, you must have something barbeque today, and barbeque and baseball just go together.

We need to clear something up right now though. I'm being told by google and the fine spell checker here on Bleacher Report that barbeque isn't actually the correct spelling, but it's rather slang for the actual spelling, barbecue.

I'm using the slang, so you need to deal with it. Carrying on...

Today, and on the fourth and the anniversary of 9/11, every MLB team will be wearing special red hats, with their logos filled with the stars and stripes. The MLB did this last year, only the hats were blue and Toronto's logo was filled with the Canadian flag instead

If you want to see these hats, or actually order them, you can see this years and last years hats over at Lids.

You'll notice, or need me to bring it up, that the Cleveland Indians hat is different this year. Instead of the regular Chief Wahoo cap like the Indians used last year, the Tribe's hat is their retro-throwback block C cap that they wear on Sunday's and special occasions.

Some think this is just another phase in the idea that the Indians' logo is insensitive to Native Americans and filling it with the stars and stripes is just more insult to injury.

I personally don't think any of it. I brush the talk of the Indians' logo off to the side whenever it comes up. I'm partial to the "I" logo that the Tribe seem to be pushing, and the block C is kind of growing on me. But this is Chief Wahoo we are talking about. 

He is Cleveland Indians, and we can't get rid of him. I don't mind sparing some feelings on the holidays with this hat if that's all it will take, but Chief Wahoo needs to stay.


Peavy Nixes White Sox Deal

San Diego unloaded a bomb shell this past week by agreeing to a five player swap that would have sent Cy Young pitcher Jake Peavy to Chicago. Not the Chicago we would have guessed though, no, the deal was to the White Sox.

The pending deal was Jake Peavy to Chicago in exchange for a group of four players, rumored to be all pitchers, including Clayton Richard and Aaron Poreda. Shortstop Gordon Beckham would have not been in the deal.

All of this was pending because without the approval of one guy, the centerpiece of the deal Jake Peavy, the trade could not be completed. Peavy's actually taken this no-trade clause seriously and he's using it to stay in a spot he feels comfortable with.

Peavy's not budging, he made it clear that he's staying in San Diego, and if he is getting traded, it better be to a NL team, or on the west coast, or both. For whatever the real reason he's saying no though, you have to respect the fact that he's saying that his family wouldn't benefit by this move.

"As of right now, this is the best place for us to be. We made that decision for the time being."

Three young kids, he could keep them San Diego, sure. But that would mean being away from them even more. Jake Peavy is putting family first, and you have to respect that. It sucks that people out there are questioning his desire to win or his competitiveness for not wanting to go to a tougher league on pitchers or a better team.

I mean for once, let's give a guy some credit for honoring the contract a team gave him by staying with that team. Most people are bolting out of San Diego because they aren't winning.

Peavy is sticking around, because while he might be staying for family reasons, he obviously must believe in what the Padres are doing somewhat to want to stay and compete for them.

He went out in his first game after declining the trade and struck out ten, against another Chicago team, the Cubs, and looked pretty good doing it.

Peavy may not be heading to Chicago right now, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about winning or competing, so lay off him.

You can say what you want, but...

You can say what you want about them moving up the World Series, but its progress. Maybe we won't get as many late nights as we've been getting and the games will end at decent times.

Next on the docket has to be a day-game on the weekend, but one step at a time.


Notebook Scribbles

Here are my thoughts that aren't long-enough to drag out or just too stupid for someone to even think of. They are randomly scribbled notes in my notebook, duh.

— Did anyone else see the five errors the Mets committed in their horrendous loss on Monday? That's sad.

— Monday can be a day with little action, but between the Mets defense and the bottom of the lineup for the Rays, there was plenty. Their bottom five hitters in the order had all 11 RBI in their game.

— Hit streak update of the week: Jacoby Ellsbury has a 19 game hit streak going, shhhhhh.

— Barry Zito is having one hell of a season, but he had one hell of a week. On Tuesday he pitched an eight inning loss giving up just two runs, both solo shots. On Sunday, he deproved, yes I made up a word, to 1-5 with a 4.02 ERA. I feel bad for him and any other Giants pitcher.

— He should learn how to hit like Brian Bannister, who improved to 4-1 and helped his own cause on Sunday with an RBI hit.

— Or Danys Baez who, according to ESPN, "sparked a rally" with a hit in the 12th inning.

— Or he could be Jair Jurrjens and just be totally awesome.

— Tom Gorzelanny is back with the Pirates in a new role, the bullpen. He made his season debut on Monday, won his first game on Tuesday, and lost his first game on Thursday.

— Chris Carpenter is back too, only he's back from the Disabled List and he's picking up where he left off. It was only five innings, but he's not given up a run this year in three starts.

— San Diego Padres series against the Giants in which they got swept: 2-1, 2-1, 3-2. That's losing close and in the same way at its best.

— The next three notes are three of my favorite notes, so pay attention.

— The Twins scored 20 runs against the White Sox on Thursday. Bartolo Colon got charged with eight runs, but just one of them earned. That's just silly, Colon clearly deserved some of those though, so don't feel bad for the one that was charged.

— Clay Zavada, who is the Diamondbacks pitcher sporting the Rollie Fingers mustache, picked up his first win in his major league debut in the same game that Cristhian Martinez picked up his first loss in his major league debut.

— The Angels beat the A's 3-0 with three solo home runs, Milwaukee and Minnesota's game on Sunday had nothing but home runs score all nine runs, and Texas hit three solo home runs in Sunday's game.

— While we are talking about home runs, which has become common this week, New York and Philadelphia looked like they were going to break some sort of record after Friday's six home runs. They ended up with just 11, thanks in large part to CC Sabathia and Cole Hamels pitching on Sunday, but that's still a lot in three games.

— Joe Mauer keeps hitting home runs. He now has ten on the year and giving a whole new meaning to the term, "Mauer Power."

— Four blown saves for Brad Lidge this year after blowing none in 2008. We are all human after all.

— Billy Buckner picked up his third career win and second as a starter on Friday. Maybe starting is more effective than the relief role.

— Michael Cuddyer is on some kind of roll. He had five RBI on Friday, 12 total since the start of the week. He also hit for the cycle on Friday.

— Homer Bailey is gone just as quick as he returned. Bailey made his 2009 debut on Saturday, got hit pretty decently, and got optioned back to Triple-A. I think I called him a bust before the year started, ouch. I never hit on those.

— Milestones of the week include Todd Helton's 2,000th hit, Jason Giambi's 400th home run, and David Ortiz's first home run of the season. Congrats to all three of them.

— Quotes of the week belong to Zach Greinke and ESPN's Karl Ravech. Greinke called his pitching, quote "stupid" and Karl Ravech gave the following: "Bobby Jenks to Jack Wilson...What?!" This was in response to Jack Wilson tying the game off Jenks with a solo home run in the ninth inning.

— Remember when I said to go pick up C.J. Wilson in all your fantasy leagues? That was rather stupid, I'll admit. Only stupid because the Rangers ran into the red-hot Tigers and couldn't get him a save opportunity and then Frank Francisco came off the disabled list. Not my fault, so my stupidity is saved.

These Are My Links, You Shall Click Them

I've heard injuries occur from some whacky things, like sneezes or carrying groceries, which is crazy but possible. But never have I heard someone get hurt because of instant replay. Why is it always the Yankee pitchers with the problems and getting hurt because the MLB did something?

Fancy interleague play? Adam Dunn doesn't, unless it's a rivalry. What do we do with teams like Boston, who have no real NL rival that doesn't have a geographical rival?

Not John Mayberry Sr., so make sure you take note of that. Not that the Panama hat and jersey didn't clue you in to something being very wrong about that situation. So let me get this straight. That is John Mayberry Sr., but not John Mayberry Jr.'s father? I'm confused, for real.

What hasn't gone wrong for Washington this year? Misspelled jerseys, a fired general manager because of an age problem with a prospect, and now a sausage cannon malfunctioning.

It's not all that bad though, according to Tim Kurkijan.

You can have Derek Jeter, I'll take Ben Zobrist.


Round About of Randomness

Who's visiting the Disabled List this week? I've got quite the list if you are ready for it.

Carlos Delgado, who will actually miss a few months, Mike Aviles, Scott Kazmir, Troy Percival, Akinori Iwamura, Aaron Laffey, Anthony Reyes, Chris Iannetta, Vincente Padilla, Rich Harden, Edinson Volquez, Elijah Dukes, Rickie Weeks and Eric Chavez was moved to the 60-Day DL.

The list of notable players going on the disabled list in a week can never be that long, can it? Out of those, I feel for Eric Chavez who is going to be out for some time and his career could be jeopardy with that troublesome back.

The most hurtful injury has to be Rickie Weeks, who looked like he was finally getting "it."

A couple related notes from the above injuries or injury related.

The injury to Scott Kazmir has opened the door for the Rays to bring back David Price into the fold. He's starting today against the Cleveland Indians in his second career start.

Joey Votto's been battling "dizziness" this past week. He played on Saturday and hit two home runs and then sat on the bench again on Sunday. He did see an at-bat off the bench, but Votto's two dizzy home runs are two more home runs I've hit not being dizzy.

Kerry Wood had an interesting two-game stand against the Royals. On Tuesday he blew the save after getting one out and then surrendering two back-to-back home runs. Then a walk-off sacrifice fly ended it.

He came back a night later, saved the game, but had the bases loaded with a one run lead. Did he like take Joe Borowski's karma when he took over the closers role or something?

My good friend—not really—Jody Gerut was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers this past week. Although you wouldn't have known that because Tony Gwynn Jr. was the player he was traded for.

The only reason that it's a big deal is because Gwynn Jr. is going to San Diego, the team his Hall of Fame father played for. Since Jody didn't get his just due as actually being the better player, here it is. Gerut will help the Brew-Crew and they are now on my good list as they've acquired the services of my good friend, not really.

Here is my fantasy related note for the week that will hopefully be better than my C.J. Wilson tidbit. Alexei Ramirez is heating up, with two home runs in two straight games over the weekend.

I hate Ramirez, because he's a twig that hits home runs like no other and he plays for Chicago. But I drafted him in tons of leagues because he plays multiple positions and the ideas were good that his production would increase.

Well we've now found out that Ramirez is a horrendously slow starter. Most people probably dropped Ramirez, I just benched him. It's time to start putting him in the lineup though, because he's about to go off.

Two teams had three guys that have surpassed 30 runs batted in this year. Tampa Bay and Baltimore are those two teams, with Adam Jones, Aubrey Huff, Nick Markakis, Evan Longoria, Carlos Pena, and Jason Bartlett all surpassing 30.

The name that doesn't fit? Jason Bartlett of course, but it’s welcomed production. The Los Angeles Dodgers are two players away from having four players surpass that mark. Casey Blake and Orlando Hudson both need three RBI to get the Dodgers there.

How about the roll the St. Louis Cardinals pitching staff has been on? Their starters went 24 scoreless innings up until Sunday. They have allowed just five runs in their last six games, and that is really impressive.

The Cleveland Indians had a nice streak going last year, when they went several games with their starters not giving up runs. But five runs in six games is very good for an entire pitching staff, starters and bullpen combined.

Finally, condolences go out to Scott Schoenweis, his family, friends, and his entire extended family in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization for the loss of Scott's wife, Gabrielle. Never easy for a player to play under these circumstances, but I hope whenever Scott comes back, he can do it for his wife.

Nino Colla is Talking every Monday of the baseball season, or whenever time needs to be wasted, provided objects don't get thrown.


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