College Football's Best Halloween Costumes of 2013

Alex SimsCorrespondent IIIOctober 31, 2013

Oct 5, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Kliff Kingsbury on the sidelines against the Kansas Jayhawks in the second half at Memorial Stadium. Texas Tech won the game 54-16. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween, college football fans! As you dive into that bowl of delicious, tooth-rotting candy to celebrate every dentist's favorite holiday, check out this year's best college football-themed costumes.


UPDATE: Friday, Nov. 1, at 9:04 a.m. ET

Halloween day came and brought with it another wave of awesome costumes.

Kicking it off is not a child dressed as a coach, but a coach dressed as a comic book hero. On the left of this picture from CBS Sports' Chip Patterson, behind the Wolverine mask and adamantine claws is former Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt (h/t Ty Duffy, TheBigLead). 

No this isn't the jeans, white tank top and leather jacket Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman in the movies, this is the blue-and-yellow jumpsuit Wolverine straight out of the pages of a Marvel comic. Well done, coach Nutt.

Next we have what was originally though to be another coach in an outstanding costume. Ohio State coach Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley, tweeted out a picture of someone, who at least somewhat resembled her husband, in a spot-on Mike Ditka getup.

A hat tip goes to Luke Zimmerman of for the find. He too thought and hoped it was Meyer behind the mustache and sunglasses. However, Shelley Meyer later tweeted that it wasn't Urban, and that was scaring people while wearing a Michael Myers mask. Unfortunately, no pictures were provided.

Keeping right on par with yesterday's coach costumes is a mini-Gary Pinkel in Missouri. Gabe DeArmond of held a costume contest for his followers and this Pinkel impersonation is good enough to win off the hair and visor alone. DeArmond's follower sent him the shot of her autistic son, Mason, who has a whole lot of love for Pinkel and the Tigers.

Next is another mascot costume. While Texas A&M's live mascot, Reveille, didn't quite match the Iron Man impersonation by Minnesota's Goldy Gopher, it would probably be animal cruelty if she did.

Lady Reveille went in a classic pumpkin, which deserves at least a rawhide dog bone or two.

Or perhaps, Reveille should have a Scooby Snack. That would fit right along with this little guy's awesome costume, tweeted by Fox Sports' Clay Travis. This is a fantastic meta-costume, as this kid is dressed as Johnny Manziel dressed as Scooby Doo.

Finally, we have Manziel-related costume pair that, if it happened in real life, would make the pages of TMZ in a heartbeat. 

One fan from Waco, Texas, dressed up as Miss Alabama, a title formerly held by Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb. She met up with a miniature Johnny Manziel in full uniform and bought an autograph off the fake A&M quarterback.

The fan tweeted the picture to Webb, providing evidence of what would be a mighty scandal on any day except Halloween.


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Coach costumes are always big hits, as shown by the No. 1 costume in all of sports this year: the baby Andy Reid. While college football doesn't boast getup that is nearly as adorable as the baby version of the Kansas City Chiefs coach, it does have a spot-on replication of Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

In fact, this child, found by Jerry Hinnen of, looks just like Kingsbury, if he were hit with a shrink ray.

Complete with stubble, a headset, clipboard and black Ray Ban Wayfarers, that fan might be calling plays for the Red Raiders this weekend when they take on Oklahoma State.

Whether he is on the sideline or not, TTU is sure to be in the holiday spirit. Kingsbury himself will host a costume contest for Tech students, and the top costume will win $1,000. The first-year coach encouraged students to get weird.

Staying on the topic of students and money, one Texas A&M fan (@lynnemarie12 on Twitter) dressed up as an "NCAA violation."

She had her chest signed with a fake Johnny Manziel autograph, and, as SBNation's pointed out, it created quite a stir on the Internet. She tweeted a joke to ESPN, saying she paid a lot of money for the autograph, and several media outlets took her tweet literally. 

Earlier this week, Bleacher Report's Kyle Newport identified some early candidates for the best Johnny Manziel costume. 

The best so far comes from a fan in Portland, ME, about 2,000 miles away from College Station, Texas.

Meanwhile, in Norman, Okla., the Oklahoma Sooners had a little fun with Halloween during their bye week. Rather than dwell over the frightening tape of Baylor's offense, which they will face next Thursday, student workers, managers and trainers dressed up in any costume imaginable for practice this week.

As seen in this video from, there was an awesome wizard, a banana suit and some crazy masks. Buzz Lightyear and Flavor Flav were there, and the OU coaches were even involved, including a perfect impersonation of Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops, brother of Sooner coaches Bob and Mike Stoops. 

While the OU coaches dressed up as UK's Coach Stoops, a pint-sized Texas A&M fan dressed up as his favorite coach. This Aggie fan has his coach down to a tee with a headset, visor, Oakley sunglasses and even that Sumlin smile.

While that future Aggie hit the bullseye with his Sumlin getup, Paul Pabst, producer for The Dan Patrick Show, did the same with his costume. Pabst dressed up as Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald and even perfectly recreated a picture of the Wildcats' boss. Not surprisingly, Fitzgerald loved it.

Speaking of having costumes down pat, one Georgia Bulldogs fan nailed his impersonation of Bleacher Report's lead SEC writer, Barrett Sallee.

While Sallee thinks that was the greatest costume ever, Minnesota mascot Goldy Gopher would probably disagree. Then again, Goldy has five costumes to choose from, which he changed between during Minnesota's 34-23 win over Nebraska last week.

Goldy went as a classic ghost, Blastoise (from Pokemon), Star Wars villain Darth Maul, Sully from Monsters, Inc. and Marvel Comics hero Iron Man.

They were all pretty solid, but the Iron Man with the lit up arc reactor in its chest is tough to beat.

If you have any college football-themed costumes that can beat the little Kingsbury or gold-ringed Manziel, submit them below. And if they're on the level of the Iron Gopher, we just might add them above.