Kane as Monster for 'The Authority' Is a Great Fit

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 31, 2013

The monster inside Kane comes out of hibernation, led by a leash "The Authority" pulls, a welcome return to darkness for "The Devil's Favorite Demon."

While many fans thought he would either return to join The Wyatt Family or look to decimate that group, Kane announced on Monday's Raw that he had an entirely different purpose. He is now a weapon which Triple H and Stephanie McMahon can use to cut down the defiant members of WWE roster.

The transition from the previous narrative to this one was about as graceful as a mule trying to put on a pair of ice skates, but it's a good move nonetheless.

After chokeslamming and pinning The Miz, Kane called out McMahon. He didn't explain his reasoning very well, but Kane proclaimed his allegiance to WWE's corporate regime.

"The monster is yours to unleash," he told her.

He even composed a rare tweet, emphasizing his new intentions.

As much as this announcement makes one wonder why Kane wouldn't be hunting down Bray Wyatt and his clan, it leads Kane in a direction that best suits his talents and adds an intriguing element to the current major storyline.

This certainly felt like a rushed twist in the tale, a jolting turn from the narrative. It's unclear what Kane's  motives are to the point where they feel random.

The potential for how good this can be helps overcome those issues, though.

Seeing Kane hug it out with Daniel Bryan and create anger collages was fun, but there are few figures in pro wrestling history as chilling as "The Big Red Machine." Asked to do a comedy role, he did more than admirably. He was born to be a sinister predator, though, and this new role is an interesting twist on that.

Towering over a majority of the roster with eyes that any horror-movie villain would be jealous of, Kane looks like a monster.

WWE has done well to continually adjust his persona to maintain our interest, but a return to his roots will be refreshing. Randy Orton thrives as a smug, short-tempered heel just as John Cena thrives as a pandering hero to youngsters. Being a monster is similarly the natural home for Kane.

He instantly becomes the most intimidating force The Authority wields.

When Triple H has had issues with a Superstar in recent months, he has sent The Shield, Orton or a reluctant Big Show. Seeing The Shield in action on a regular basis has led to number of excellent matches, but there's a danger of overexposure here.

WWE can't have The Shield in every Raw main event for the foreseeable future; variety is necessary to keep things interesting.

And as dangerous as the three-headed beast of The Shield is, there is a certain added element of inhumanity that makes Kane especially haunting. Kane's history has seen him set Jim Ross on fire and electrocute Shane McMahon's most sensitive area. His reputation is as macabre as anyone's.

The current PG rating isn't going to allow WWE to go that dark with Kane's next actions, but he can be portrayed as less merciful than Orton or The Shield. 

The tension sure to rise between the willing puppet and the puppet master will create some compelling moments as well. McMahon has to know whatever reasons Kane has for making himself available to her aren't strong enough to last.

Kane is the beast that man thinks he has tamed, until it tears flesh away from bone.

He is a dangerous weapon, both for the ones firing it and the ones suffering from its bullets. That fact alone reinvigorates The Authority storyline, adding an unknown element and teasing at a future explosion.

Kane submits himself to Stephanie McMahon.
Kane submits himself to Stephanie McMahon.

His inclusion makes Wyatt's recent actions even more curious. Wyatt said that "the devil" made him attack CM Punk and Bryan. Is Triple H that devil and if so, how does Kane fit in? Is Kane the devil, colluding with the Wyatts to infiltrate and then overthrow The Authority?

Seeing how WWE answers those questions is going to be an engrossing experience. 

WWE can patch up the plot holes as it goes along. Kane's inspiration for joining forces with the McMahons can be revealed later. The company isn't famous for a mastery with narrative logic, but if the story is fun enough to watch unfold, the audience is forgiving.

Getting to the point where a monster returns to his true form, even if it requires some stumbling, is well worth it.