The Seahawks and the Rams Had a Ric Flair Strut-off on Monday Night Football

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 29, 2013

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There are few times in a man’s life when he gets to write sentences like the one that follows, so bear with me as I enjoy this moment:

There was a Ric Flair strutting showdown on Monday Night Football.

That’s right, the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams' matchup Monday night featured dueling moments of Ric Flair-itude, and it all began with a Chris Long sack celebration in the third quarter. 

After taking down Russell Wilson for the umpteenth time of the night, Long performed a routine that’s like the Flair strut but a touch slower and more methodical.

A GIF of the incident was made by Timothy Burke of Deadspin, and as you can see, Long really worked the mojo here.

Typically, it’s one Flair and that’s it for the night. Even when they keep their pants on, the universe cannot handle two men doing this in the same time slot and stadium on a given Monday night. It’s just too much Flair.

With that being said, it happened again. Just when we thought Christmas had already come early, Santa whipped by on a second run-through and gave us a Flair strut from Seattle Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond, via

Walter managed to take down backup quarterback Kellen Clemens on a big third down and broke out the counter-Flair—a tactic that won’t draw off heat-seeking missiles like other flares but is still highly effective.

There is a controversy, however, regarding the exact nature of these sack dances. Many fans recognized these two halting step routines as the Flair strut, while others saw a Jeff Jarrett strut.

You be the judge, but my money’s on Flair. 


Double the Flair, double the fun. WOOH.