This GoPro Footage of Kelly McGarry's Canyon Freeride Is Amazing and Terrifying

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Forget coffee or energy drinks, because this video of Kelly McGarry dominating a canyon at the Red Bull Rampage 2013 will sufficiently wake you up. 

BuzzFeed spotted this video featuring a first-person perspective of the run that includes a 72-foot canyon gap. 

Seeing as how I would never get on a bike standing atop a canyon, this will be the closest I ever get to being all that extreme. 

You probably want to see this epic run from another perspective. Well, Red Bull hooks us up with this video that features the entire run, even the impromptu backflip McGarry delivers toward the end.  

The Telegraph has more on this phenomenal run in Utah, including some words from the New Zealand rider, who decided he had just enough momentum to dazzle the crowd at the mammoth gap. "Last night I was freaking out, wondering if I should do it. But I had the speed, it felt right, so I just sent it."

Now that you are all sufficiently engaged, we have to bring down the mood in the room by informing you the run was only good enough for second place. 

You can take a gander at Kyle Strait's winner over at Red Bull's official page. I was rather shocked, because I just assumed Strait would have had to ride down the canyon upside down on a unicycle to win this thing. 

It's one thing to see these marvelous rides from the usual vantage point, but there is something so terrifying about the first-person perspective. 

The top of tables seem that more treacherous and the flips seem to come out of nowhere. Now we will be over here on our hybrid bikes safely riding around the neighborhood with our helmet on. The biggest jumps will continue to be the random speed bump. 

We will leave the death-defying leaps to McGarry here. 

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