5 Subjects Arsenal Fans Would Like to See Arsene Wenger Cover in His Book

James McNicholas@@jamesmcnicholasFeatured ColumnistOctober 23, 2013

5 Subjects Arsenal Fans Would Like to See Arsene Wenger Cover in His Book

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    Sir Alex Ferguson has released his new autobiography, highlighting a whole raft of rifts and ructions within Manchester United during his tenure.

    Arsene Wenger has long intimated that he would not contemplate releasing a book until he has retired. Arsenal fans have been forced to accept that they may never hear the inside track from a man who has been at the helm of their club for more than two decades.

    However, should Wenger one day have the time and the inclination to put his secrets on paper, there are many subjects the Arsenal supporters would like to see him cover.

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Who Is the Best Player He Has Coached?

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    Arsenal Wenger has coached some remarkable footballers.

    Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp, Cesc Fabregas, Robert Pires and Mesut Ozil have all played under his tutelage. However, it would be fascinating to discover who Wenger considers the greatest talent of all.

    Would he opt for the searing pace of Henry, or the imagination of Bergkamp? Perhaps the telescopic tackling of Patrick Vieira would win his vote.

    With Wenger's intimate knowledge of the players he has coached, his opinion would be fascinating.

Why Did You Sign Park Chu-Young?

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    Arsene Wenger is a deeply logical man. However, Arsenal fans have unanimously struggled to understand the logic behind signing Korean striker Park Chu-Young.

    Since joining the club in August 2011, Park has made just a handful of appearances in an Arsenal shirt. Almost immediately, it became clear that Wenger did not consider him up to the challenge of Premier League football.

    The question begs: How did a player the manager patently considers sub-standard make it past the rigorous scouting process?

    Only Wenger knows. 

How Big a Loss Was David Dein?

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    Prior to the spectacular signing of Mesut Ozil, Arsenal have struggled in the transfer market, failing to recruit stellar names and selling many of their own stars to rival clubs.

    It has been suggested that Arsenal's transfer travails are in large part due to the absence of a competent football executive.

    David Dein was Arsene Wenger's trusted right-hand man and Arsenal's most effective negotiator. How big an impact did Dein's unceremonious exit from Arsenal in April 2007 have on Wenger's capacity to recruit the players he wanted? How different might things have been had Dein stayed?

    It would be fascinating to hear Wenger's private thoughts on the departure of a close friend and ally.

Which Player Does He Regret Missing out on Most?

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    Arsenal's outstanding scouting network means they inevitably spot a huge number of talented players. However, they can not sign them all, meaning Arsenal have also missed out on plenty of stars.

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic famously turned down a trial, while Arsenal were also close to signing Cristiano Ronaldo before the Portugese winger joined Manchester United according to the Mirror.

    Which player does Wenger regret missing out on the most?

What Does He Really Think of Stan Kroenke?

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    In public, Arsene Wenger has always been hugely supportive of Stan Kroenke.

    However, there are question marks over the American's long-term intentions for Arsenal. Having invested so much money to buy the club, there is a fear he will seek to take dividends, harming Arsenal's financial potential in the transfer market.

    Does Wenger really think Kroenke's takeover has been good for the club? Would be have been amenable to working under Alisher Usmanov and David Dein?


    What would you like Wenger to clear up in a book? Let us know below.