TNA Bound for Glory 2013 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Highlights

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 20, 2013

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TNA’s 2013 Bound for Glory pay-per-view was supposed to be the biggest of the year, but the event fell flat. While it could have been worse, TNA left fans feeling jaded about the overall direction of the company.

There was plenty of action Sunday, and here is exactly how it went down.


Quick Results

Note: (c) denotes champion heading into match

  • AJ Styles defeats Bully Ray (c) for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Magnus defeat Sting.
  • Ethan Carter III defeats Norv Fernum.
  • Bobby Roode defeats Kurt Angle.
  • Gail Kim defeats ODB (c) and Brooke Tessmacher.
  • Kurt Angles rejects Hall of Fame nomination.
  • BroMans defeated James Storm and Gunner (c).
  • Abyss returns to TNA.
  • Chris Sabin defeated Austin Aries, Manik (c), Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe.
  • BroMans defeated Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez and Eric Young and Joseph Park.


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AJ Styles Withstands Bully Ray’s Assault to Win TNA Heavyweight Championship

There were several important matches Sunday night, but none will have anywhere near the long-term impact on TNA as a company than the main event between Bully Ray and AJ Styles.

The match saw plenty of interference from the Aces & Eights gang, several excellent spots and some excellent in-ring storytelling. While this wasn't the best-worked bout of the night, it helped further the angle and reached the proper conclusion.

Add in a distraction from Dixie Carter and a worked injury for Styles, and the convoluted finish was yet another in a long night of odd endings. The Spinal Tap finisher giving Styles the victory and the title was the right ending sequence, but this main event didn’t have the impact it needed.

The outcome was correct, though, and the future looks brighter now that Styles is TNA world champion.


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Magnus Begins His Heel Turn

Magnus is one of the brightest stars in TNA, and his beating Sting via submission on the company’s biggest show was the culmination of his rise to the top. TNA has teased a heel turn for weeks, and the match was the next step in that process.

With a great mixture of stealing moves and subtle storytelling in this match, Sting helped Magnus get over with the crowd and legitimize himself as the future of the company, just as Ric Flair did for him so many years ago.

This match wasn’t great, but the story told in the ring was perfectly executed.


Ethan Carter III Beats Local Jobber

In Ethan Carter III’s TNA debut, the new star defeated local jobber Norv Fernum in a glorified squash match. Nothing to see here.


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Terrible Ending Mars Booby Roode’s Win over Kurt Angle

The matchup between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode was one of the best bouts of the night, but two odd spots marred the ending of the match. Roode stole the win and the momentum, but this bout didn’t live up to the hype.

Angle and Roode put on a great in-ring show, but the odd spot with the referee dropping Roode’s hand on the rope was confusing. Add in Angle’s worked injury that resulted in Roode falling on the legend for the pin, and this was an utter disappointment.

If TNA is going to continue growing as a company, these types of PPV endings must stop.


Lei'D Tapa Gives Gail Kim the Title

The three-way Knockouts Championship Match featured ODB defending her title against Gail Kim and Brooke Tessmacher. While the match was solid, it was Lei'D Tapa who attacked ODB and Brooke and gave Kim the victory. Instead of also attacking the new champion, Tapa aligned herself with Kim.


Kurt Angle Declines Hall of Fame Induction

Despite TNA nominating Kurt Angle for the company’s Hall of Fame, the multi-time champion denied the honor. After returning from a stint in rehab, this was a smart move for the veteran, as he continues to overcome his addiction and prove himself worthy of the honor.


BroMans Goes Gold With Phil Heath

The Tag Team Championship Match featured a battle between defending champions James Storm and Gunner and BroMans. With three-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath still in the BroMans corner, the heel team controlled most of this match.

Gunner and Storm were heavily favored at the event, and little was expected from this bout. Despite the lack of excitement over the questionable booking, the in-ring work exceeded expectations.

Instead of giving the fans what they expected, Jessie Godderz and Robbie E won the tag team titles. It was a shocking outcome and a legitimately interesting twist to a stale tag team title scene.


Abyss Returns to TNA

In a quick segment, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels hit the ring and questioned the pre-show outcome. Eric Young hit the ring and told the duo to run away. Bad Influence attacked Young until Abyss returned to make the save.


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The Ultimate X Division Match

The first match of the PPV was the five-man X Division Championship Ultimate X bout. With Austin Aries, Manik, Chris Sabin, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe all possessing elite in-ring skills, this was easily the most anticipated match of the night.

This battle had all the potential to steal the show (there is no questioning how great this bout was in the ring, with all five men putting together an awesome display of athleticism), but a lackluster ending featuring Velvet Sky inadvertently distracted from Hardy and Sabin winning the title.

Sabin has been a full-blown heel for weeks, but the issue is that this ending doesn’t further any specific storyline. While there is obviously an angle with Sky and the title change, it is unclear who is next on the docket.

The match was great, but the ending killed the momentum it created.


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BroMans Shocks the World

In what was an unpredictable start to the show, the televised pre-show featured a Tag Team Gauntlet match. Bad Influence started the bout by beating Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, but Eric Young and Joseph Park came out and defeated Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in stunning fashion. EGO jumped Young and Park after the match.

In an equally awe-inspiring moment, the BroMans, accompanied by Heath, hit the ring and won the chance to fight Gunner and James Storm on the PPV card for the tag team titles by cleanly beating Young.


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