Tigers-Rockies: An Unrivaled Rivalry

Matt SCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

DENVER - JULY 4:  Royce Clayton #10 of the Colorado Rockies forces out leading runner Eric Munson #31 of the Detroit Tigers at second base on an at-bat by Alex Sanchez in the eighth inning on July 4, 2004 at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The Rockies came back to sweep the Tigers with a 10-8 win.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Success for baseball players in Detroit isn't measured by placement in the final standings. It isn't measured in division crowns and pennant victories. 

No sir, baseball in this town is about one thing and one thing only: beating the Colorado Rockies.

The natural rivals share such a rich baseball tradition that it's impossible not to get drawn in by the allure of the games.

This is why I'm a baseball fan.

Even as I write this, I'm overwhelmed with memories, both past and present. Heroes and big name players that have stepped between the lines to take part in this series will long be remembered— forever etched in the minds of the young and old alike.

Many of baseball's all-time greats have graced this series with their prowess: Dmitri Young, Aaron Miles, Eric Munson, Royce Clayton— one literally could go on forever.

Who can forget Dane Sardinha's two-run triple that secured the series sweep last year? A hero, now forever cemented in the bedrock of baseball. 

Every time the page is turned, a blank one waits to be written on, yearning for the calligraphy of America's game to fill its pages with history to be passed down to generations.

What will be written in this year's chapter? We sit on the edge of our seats with bated breath waiting for some magic to happen.

This is the reason we have interleague play. This is the reason we need interleague play. Without it there would be no Tigers-Rockies

Without it, there would hardly be any baseball.